Winter Whites Gala with Prince William, Taylor Swift, and no Kate Middleton

Winter Whites Gala with Prince William, Taylor Swift, and no Kate Middleton

Centrepoint’s Winter Whites Gala was held last night at Kensington Palace.  Prince William attended the event, Kate did not.  Taylor Swift attended the event, as did Jon Bon Jovi and Colin Firth (!).  The Winter Whites Gala is basically a yearly fundraiser put on by Centrepoint to aid homeless teens and new adults.  I’m surprised Kate didn’t want to go and meet all those celebs, you know she loves celebs.  Maybe she didn’t want to be upstaged by Taylor Swift and decided to stay home.  Kate didn’t attend last year’s Gala either, because it was a week or so after her hospital visit.  I am surprised whenever Kate skips a gala or any other event where she gets to wear a fancy dress and get her hair done, because you know those are her favorites.

Anyway, Winter Whites Gala… William gave a speech, I don’t feel like quoting him so go here for the article if you’re interested—unfortunately it kind of focuses on Taylor and doesn’t get to William or the charity until farther down in the article.  While Jon Bon Jovi was performing, both William and Taylor got on stage and sang with him.  That’s kind of hilarious.  From the pictures, Taylor looks comfortable but William looks uncomfortable, keeping his hands clasped and even fixing his bow tie during.  I guess that’s not a fair comparison, since Taylor is a performer and William is not, but good for William getting up there especially if he was uncomfortable doing it.  That shows good sportsmanship, if only he had that good sportsmanship while doing charity work that wasn’t fun and glamour and celebs.  Anyway, I bet Taylor was excited to meet a real life prince.  She seems like that kind of girl that still loves ponies and glitter and fairy tales, and would die to marry a prince… but that’s a whole different topic.

I should probably say something about Taylor Swift’s Winter Whites dress.  It looks kind of similar to Jesse J’s stage dress from the earlier post.  It is a full white skirt with an embellished top that has a nude lining.  I think it’s fine, it isn’t actually showing too much skin apart from her cleavage.  Also, the Mail article says the dress “fell slightly off her shoulders”, which it total BS.  If you look closely at the dress you can see that there is a sheer panel that actually covers her cleavage and the embellishments are attached to that.  The dress is not falling off her shoulders, it is made to look like that.  I think it’s fine, just like I thought Jesse J’s stage dress was fine.  I don’t think it was that bad for the event either, Eliza Doolittle looked much worse.

Switching gears real quick: I don’t want to do a whole post on Prince Harry’s latest comments from his South Pole trek thing, I only want to mention this one because it relates to William, but also to Kate by extension.  I guess during the interview Harry was asked about William and Harry said: “My brother, yeah, I think he’s just quite jealous that I managed to get away from a screaming child.”  We have heard that George is a screamer for months now, ever since he was born.  Coming out of the hospital William mentioned that George had a good set of lungs, and during an interview about the wildlife thing William again mentioned that George liked to cry a lot, and there have been at least two other mentions from what I can recall but I don’t remember what they are specifically and don’t feel like looking them up, sorry.  The point is that George must be a very loud baby if they keep bringing it up.  I almost feel sorry for them, because baby’s cries are the worst thing in the world (for real, there’s scientific evidence that a baby’s cry is designed to be the most annoying sound to humans).  But then I think that George being such a loud baby must be some sort of cosmic payback for Kate and William, and I think that is funny.

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  1. Maybe PG cries a lot as he is picking up on the tension between willy and waity – babies are very sensitive tp that sort of thing

    1. That’s totally possible. Some babies just cry more than others, especially if they have colic or something. I get the impression that William, especially, was super excited when the baby was born*, but since then he has become less enamored with the baby and fatherhood. I don’t think he was expecting the baby to cry as much as he apparently is. He probably thought parenthood would be super easy with a perfect baby, and since he didn’t get that he’s kind of pulled away. That’s just my impression. And if he and Kate have become annoyed with the crying and less enamored with the baby, he would pick up on the negative vibes coming from his parents and cry even more, creating a horrible, negative cycle.

      *But maybe not before since he didn’t appear connected to Kate at all during pregnancy–but if the surrogate rumors are true that would explain why.

  2. Taylor Swift is taller, even thinner, and much younger than Kate. I’ve always thought Kate to be very conscious of the appearances of the women she surrounds herself with. All of her two friends we’ve seen her pictured with over the years are much plainer than she. Taylor Swift makes most everyone look a bit short and dumpy, and I’m quite inclined to think that to avoid this, Kate chose not to appear at the event, despite knowing that her presence would have drawn added attention to a worthwhile and charitable cause.

    You make a good point about Prince George’s apparently dislikable personality! I have never heard of a more burdensome newborn! It sounds as though all he does is wail!! The nerve of that infant!! You’d think that there would be greater sense of pride given that Screaming George has already mastered the kind of sour and put-upon disposition that his dear mother didn’t really come into until her mid-twenties!

    1. I agree re Kate not attending because of Taylor. There was some excuse given that William didn’t want Kate there because she always pulls focus from the charity and onto herself because people are interested in her because of whatever, which granted is totally true, but I don’t think that’s the reason she wasn’t there at all. Because if William wanted the gala to be about Centrepoint and not the attendees then he shouldn’t have invited Taylor Swift, because most of the coverage I saw was about Taylor and not the charity.
      I would tend to think that Kate would hate to stand next to Taylor, because Kate can’t hold a candle to Taylor Swift. I am not saying Taylor Swift is some great icon without fault who should be worshiped, but she is a hard-working, independent woman who is a millionaire and a (much bigger) celebrity in her own right (her boyfriend issues not withstanding). Kate has never really worked a day in her life and is only famous because she married a prince, and has no money of her own and has everything paid for by her parents or her father-in-law. And like you said, Taylor is younger and (in my opinion) prettier than Kate. Kate probably just didn’t want to be upstaged by someone younger and prettier who actually works hard and has talent (she may not be the best singer but she does write all of her own songs and I respect that because most people–like Miley Cyrus–don’t).

  3. I bet George is just a perfectly normal baby & that force he first time in their spoilt lives Will & Waity have to consider someone else’s needs. Swiftly bring on Nanny & Granny (Carol-E) & a raft of staff… But still, having a child remains a bit of a responsibility – perhaps the new parents have yet to get over the shock of that?

    1. That’s also totally possible. He could just be crying the normal amount that babies cry, and William and Kate could think he cries a lot given that they have no idea how much work babies are. I have no doubt they have a team of round-the-clock nannies, but they would probably still hear him cry if their bedroom(s?) is on the same floor as George’s.

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