Kate Middleton is a moron: her skirt flew up AGAIN

Kate Middleton is a moron: her skirt flew up AGAIN

You know what bugs me, when I read the headline for the Daily Mail’s article on Kate.  They said, “The Duchess of Cambridge has a Marilyn moment!”  And I’m thinking here’s how the headline should read:  Kate Middleton has a Marilyn moment… for the SIXTH TIME!  At least the Mail recognizes that this is not the first time Kate has pulled this stunt; and also mentions the fact that the Queen weights her hems to avoid these types of embarrassing situations, but Kate does not.  They said:  “It’s not the first time that Kate has suffered a close call with her outfit – unlike the Queen who weighs her hemlines down with lead curtain weights.”  Look, I’ve seen the video, I understand that it was extremely windy, but she’s a Duchess and this has happened six times:  weight your bloody hems!

This is literally the sixth time Kate has worn a light skirt without weighting her hems and a gust of wind has blown it up in public.  Getting off the plane in Canada; a second time on the North American tour; during a visit to Oxford; getting off a plane in Australia; at a friend’s wedding, while pregnant no less; and today, while greeting children.  Seriously, one would think that after the first time she would think about finding a way to prevent it from happening again, but at least after the second if the first time did not sink in.  But here we are, on the sixth “Marilyn moment” for the freaking Duchess of Cambridge.  And you know, Alice Temperley or whatever designer she wore the last time this happened, or maybe the time before that, Jenny Packham, over a year ago, came out and said something about not knowing to put weights in the hems, because people were commenting about it then.  And now this dumb idiot has gone and done it AGAIN.  What the f—?  I really, at this point, don’t think this is an accident, she knew it was windy and she must know that there is an option out there to fix this problem.  She’d just rather risk flashing her ass to the entire world.  I really wish the sycophants would open their eyes and realize that this woman is NOT the graceful, elegant, demure, hard-working, charitable woman they think she is/want her to be.

Anyway, this was her second day of “work” in two days, LOL.  We are more than half way through November, this is the time when Will and Kate start shoving in a ton of “work” days to make up for the fact that they didn’t do any “work” during the rest of the year.  In 2011 there was a pick-up of appearances late in the year.  The same thing happened in 2012, when randomly they shoved in a ton of appearances in November and December (and also a pity-party hospital appearance which resulted in a woman’s death—I haven’t forgotten you, Jacintha Saldanha).  And now Will and Kate have randomly done appearances recently (even though Kate is still on “maternity leave”), which I am guessing will continue until the end of the year, after which they will take a nice LONG vacation with Kate’s parents.

Now for the reason for the visit… which we could have gotten to sooner if the moron had not flashed us for the sixth time (not including her lovely France photos).  The visit was for Place2Be which is a charity that Kate is now patron of.  Place2Be provides school-based mental health and emotional support to kids and parents—here’s their website if interested.  Today’s visit was to meet some kids and hear a forum (lecture?) about bullying.  Apparently Kate stayed an entire hour longer than she was scheduled for—this was a “spur of the moment” decision because Kate was enjoying the forum so much.  No idea how long Kate was supposed to be there for, nor how long she was actually there for.  She arrived at 10:30, but it does not say when she left.  Apparently the people from today are really kissing her ass; two people said she was a “bright woman” who was really interested in the topic.  This quote is suspect, though:  “”She’s a very bright woman,” Byron [one of the professors who spoke at the forum] said. “At one point when I was speaking, she was telling the person she was with, ‘I hope you’re writing this down.'””  Now, if he was speaking, how would he know what Kate said to her aid?  Also, if she’s so bright, why didn’t she write anything down herself?  Just saying.  Look, I want Kate to actually give a shit about her charities, and if she stayed an extra hour, that’s awesome; but I just don’t think she is that bright.  If she were that bright, she would not have had six “Marilyn moments”, you know.

Let’s talk about fashion:  Kate wore an Orla Kiely skirt, a MaxMara jacket, Cornelia James gloves, Alexander McQueen heels, Annoushka pearl earrings, and carried a Russell and Bromley blue suede Muse bag.  Kate wore her hair in a half up do, which was nice.  She only pulls her hair up rarely and usually it is loose and falling all in her face, and she touches it constantly.  So the pulled back hair was a win, even though her skirt was not.  I want to point out that the skirt that was the problem today was made by the same designer as the dress that caused her problems in the past in Oxford.  Now, given I am not a moron, I would think that, given that she’s had a problem with the designer’s clothes blowing up in the past, she would make sure to put weights in those hems because that designer has a knack for blowing up (given the light fabric), or you know, go with a different designer, but then again I have a brain and cognitive reasoning abilities.

PS.  Here are some nice un-photoshopped pictures of Kate with a huge forehead wrinkle from yesterday’s visit.  LOL, pretty awesome.

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