Kate makes a ‘glamorous’ charity appearance again, this time for SportsBall

Kate makes a ‘glamorous’ charity appearance again, this time for SportsBall

Kate made an appearance at a charity ball last night in aid of SportsAid, one of her charities.  SportsAid “helps the next generation of British sports stars by giving them financial support and recognition during the critical early years of their careers.”  I must say, Kate really seems to shine when she does any sports-related charity work (and by “work” I of course mean “appearances”).  I found one quote from someone Kate talked to very interesting, she said: “I’ve met Kate before during the Olympics, she’s lovely and so interested and supportive of athletes [emphasis KMR].”  I truly believe this.  I also truly believe this is one of the only things Kate really is interested in.  I don’t know why Kate doesn’t focus more of her patron work on sports-related charities.  She bullsh-ts around with addiction and bullying* when the only thing Kate has ever showed any actual interest in** is sports.  You know, there are so many things she could do if she focused on sports, and helping youths and disabled people through sports.  She might actually do sh-t if it involves sports, but then again this is Waity we’re talking about, so maybe not.

Kate wore a laser-cut, black Temperley London cocktail dress that originally cost $1385 but was on sale for $554 before selling out (the dress is from fall/winter 2012, I think), Jimmy Choo pumps costing £450 ($775), and her red Alexander McQueen clutch we’ve seen a few times.  I don’t mind this dress.  For a ball, I would have expected her to wear a floor-length gown, but there are pictures with other people who are also wearing cocktail-length dresses so I don’t think it really mattered.  It’s to the knee and appropriate.  I actually like the dress.  I don’t think it photographs well, especially from far away, but I bet it would be nice in person, and I like the silhouette.  I think she should have pulled her hair up, though.  It really does get in her face.  And she needs to stop f-cking touching it.

Speaking of Kate’s hair, she went to the salon since the last time we saw her (the Daily Mail has a whole article about it).  Her hair is darker brown, it’s a few inches shorter, and her greys are gone.  She also totally has extensions in.  For what it’s worth, I like the darker brown, the lighter color she had was too mousy.  I do think it’s funny that Kate’s hair is so envied, because, really, anyone could have her hair.  All they’d have to do is exactly what she does: get extensions and dye it brown.  Oh, and get professional blow outs thrice a week. But then again, if we’re not talking about her hair, there is nothing left to say about her. The fact that she has nothing of substance is evident by the entire article dedicated to her fresh dye job.

*Not that charities that help people battle addiction or deal with bullying is bullsh-t, it’s just that Kate doesn’t really show any actual interest in either cause yet seems to be patron of multiple addiction and anti-bullying charities.

**Other than bagging William.

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