Prince Harry attends WellChild awards

Prince Harry attends WellChild awards

I thought about including this story in with the Prince William post, but then I decided to give Harry his own post. Partly because I think he deserves his own post, and partly as an experiment to see who gets the most hits, William or Harry.

Prince Harry attended the WellChild Awards, where he presented awards to terminally ill or disabled children.  He talked about George and how he had just been with him and seen him smile for the first time.  He gave a speech at the end of the ceremony, which some people think he gave without notes, I doubt that.  Here’s the video of it. You see those black stands on either side of him with those clear screens… those are prompters; they have words and notes and whatever the speaker needs on them.  Harry did seem confident in his speech, but I doubt if it was completely note-free given those prompters.  When I watched the DNC last fall, I was fooled for a minute into thinking that Obama and Clinton were not using notes, but then you notice the prompters and realize that those things are the notes.  They are excellent speakers but they do have notes.  Harry may be an excellent speaker, but he did have notes.  And for the love of god, Harry, quit wringing your hands when giving a speech!  It’s incredibly distracting for the audience and makes it seem like you are uncomfortable being up there and speaking.

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  1. Harry is much better than willy and i mean work ethics, he truly does it with a passion, may God bless him with a wonderful wife like him, he is amazing!

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