Kate isn’t in London? Will she be there for the birth?

Kate isn’t in London? Will she be there for the birth?

After the press made such a big deal about Kate not attending the Percy wedding because she was frightened that she may deliver early and wanted to stay in London just in case, Kate Middleton has decided to not stay in London after all.  According to Us Weekly, Kate is staying in Anglesey, Wales to be near William during the last few weeks of pregnancy (and will come to London at some point to deliver, right?  They don’t say).  Us is claiming that there is a plan in place in case Kate goes into labor early: they have a helicopter ready to fly her to London to have the baby.  Here is the plan that they should have: stay put in London if you’re afraid you’ll give birth early!  That was the point of not attending the Percy wedding, right?  Then why aren’t you in London?  Because the press lied and I was right that it was never about staying close to London, it was about being asked not to attend.  This story just blows holes in their previous stories and shows, once again, that they are big fat liars.

To be fair, Kate was in Wales sometime last month, because she was photographed with William and Lupo taking a helicopter ride back to London.  However, when they say she is splitting her time between Wales and London, I kind of don’t believe it.  She may have been in Wales at some point, but I think she’s splitting her time mainly between London and Mummy’s house in Berkshire.  She has been staying in Berkshire and coming to London to shop and get her hair done throughout the entire pregnancy (actually, she’s been doing this for longer than that).  If she is not in London, the best bet is that she’s in Berkshire.

There were reports a while back that Kate could deliver in a Berkshire hospital (the same one she and Pippa were delivered at), but then those rumors were squashed when the palace officially announced that Kate planned to deliver at St. Mary’s in the Lindo Wing.  [removed]

Back to the Us Weekly story, there is an interesting bit in it about Kate’s birth plan: “she hopes to give birth naturally, according to a source. However, should she run into delivery complications, an insider says ‘she will have a C-section.’”  This is interesting for many reasons, and I’m trying to parse it, but that may just be my writer’s brain working overtime and thinking up all the possible scenarios and meanings behind it.  I get like that; sometimes I just can’t take a comment at face value and move on.   That happens in my everyday life, but since I’ve been following the royals I have come to expect their lies and parse their quotes even more.  Anyway, back to topic.  I am wondering whether the full quote includes the bit about the complications or whether the quote really is only the bit about the C-section, because that could be really telling.  I’m also wondering the context behind the quote.  I’m wondering if this ‘insider’ was asked specifically about what would happen in case of an emergency, or whether the ‘insider’ volunteered that information without having been asked.  These things are important because the fact that she would have a C-section if there were any complications during delivery seems rather obvious.  Of course they would perform an emergency cesarean if there are complications, they do that for everyone, right?  Why would someone make a point to say that, unless they were trying to cover up the fact that they are planning a cesarean in the first place?  Seems weird.  And the volunteering the info versus being asked a question is important because if they were asked, then that’s on the reporter, but if it was volunteered then it lends more evidence to assume that they were purposely saying it to imply that she was not planning a cesarean when she really is.  Of course, if she was planning a cesarean, I would have thought she would have planned it for July 1, Princess Diana’s birthday, but that date came and went without any labor frenzy.  I don’t know, I may be totally off the mark here, but that’s just my crazy mind for you, thinking up all sorts of convoluted conspiracy theories.  This post has gotten really long so I’ll wrap it up there.

What do you think: Comment, thoughts, opinions about Kate not spending the last few weeks of her pregnancy in London?  On Tanna and his insider info?  When do you think the birth will be?

8 thoughts on “Kate isn’t in London? Will she be there for the birth?

  1. I would please like to receive updated e-mail from you?
    I am so glad there is this information & discussion forum that tells it like it really is!
    Please keep up your excellent work. Thank you! Halia

    1. Thank you for finding that article. Yes, the Middleton’s relationship with Tanna is very suspect.
      The funny thing it though, is that a lot of royal watchers know about the relationship so it is funny to watch them freak out when he posts things.

  2. As of today lazy is back living with parents! How is she going to to get to the hospital on time? she is going to live with ma & pa after the baby is here! That is so dangerous! The middleton home is not equipped for police sucurity. Anyone can kidnap the baby.Kate & billy are the stupidest fools! This poor, weak, helpless baby has no one involved in its best interests.I hope child services gets to investigated this situation! The kidnappers can take will & waity! The middletons are not to be trusted with the royal baby! Is billy living with middys,too? Will & chuckie are weak idiots with no backbone! The queen is in poor health. Why are the courtiers not controling the middletons? W K have no commonsense! Why is childish Kate always running home to the parents for, she is so pathetic and brainless! I know it is not my baby, but i care about children. I am sorry concerning my language, however this situation makes angry and afraid for the baby! I do not understand why nobody is stopping the
    middletons! Please comment at your convenience. Thanks! Halia

    1. I agree that William and Kate have no real common sense, and that Kate is still tied to mummy’s apron strings even though she is a 31-year-old, married woman. It’s pretty ridiculous how much leeway the Middleton’s have been given. No other married-in family has ever been given as much room to maneuver as the Middleton’s have. Clearly there is something wrong with the way Carole Middleton raised her children, because they seem unable to cope with being adults in the real world. I really hope the RF will step in once the baby is born and keep it away from Carole and her machinations.

    1. I don’t know if the royals or Middleton’s look at websites like this, but I’m pretty sure at least someone in their camps look at critical websites–maybe not mine since it’s pretty small and relatively new, but definitely some of the bigger sites. Sometimes people mention something about Kate or the Midds and a week later there is an article up combating whatever it was that was criticized. It happened to me once a number of months ago on another site, I mentioned something about Lupo (Kate and William’s dog) not being seen in a while and a week later Kate brought Lupo to some shopping event. Don’t know if that was pure coincidence or not, but it seems too coincidental if you ask me.

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