TV presenter wants Kate to breastfeed in public: good idea or unneeded drama?

TV presenter wants Kate to breastfeed in public: good idea or unneeded drama?

This story aggravates me.  I have no idea who this woman is but she has just used Kate Middleton’s name to piggyback one of her own causes—much like the lingerie woman.  That in itself is annoying enough, but this woman is kind of an idiot if she thinks what she’s asking for would in any way benefit anyone.  She’s not thinking clearly about the outcome of her request.

Beverley Turner, a TV and radio presenter (I have no idea who she is, any of you cats in the UK know?), has written an article about how she wants Kate to publicly breastfeed in order to get more women in the UK to breastfeed their children.  Apparently the breastfeeding rates have gone down or something.  This is what she says: “We need women with power and influence to get their milky bosoms out and feed smiling in paparazzi pictures… As if there wasn’t enough pressure on her already, what we really need is The Duchess of Cambridge to get her Royal orbs out to feed our future monarch. And to be applauded – not seethed at – for doing so.”

I have no problem with women breastfeeding; in fact it’s the best thing for the baby.  And if what this woman says about why young mothers are choosing not to breastfeed—because they “don’t deem it ‘cool’ or ‘sexy’ and think their boyfriends won’t like it.”—then I actually agree with her because those chicks are idiots.  Don’t get me wrong, if a woman has made an informed decision about not breastfeeding, that’s her choice, but making that type of decision because the women think it will make them look less sexy to their boyfriends is selfish and uninformed and clearly they aren’t actually thinking about what’s best for their babies and I feel bad for those kids because they will turn out with some serious emotional problems later in life having grown up with such irrational, selfish parents.  Wow, did I ever get preachy there.  Let me step down from my soapbox… Ok, back to topic. 

I have a problem with what this woman, Beverley Turner, is asking for.  She is asking for Kate to breastfeed in public and be “applauded” for it.  What this woman doesn’t realize is that if Kate were to openly breastfeed in public, she wouldn’t be applauded for it, she would be heavily criticized by a lot of people.  People would say it was inappropriate for a woman in Kate’s position to expose herself in public, even if it is to feed her child.  And after her topless photos, the last thing Kate (or at least her team) would want is more photos of her naked breasts out there.  There would, of course, be that group that would defend her, and rightly so since breastfeeding isn’t anything to be ashamed of, but the problem is that it would cause a ton of unneeded drama for Kate.  She is pretty good at making drama for herself, there is plenty of evidence of that in the last two years, she doesn’t need to make any more drama for the sack of this woman’s agenda—or anyone’s agenda for that matter.  What Kate needs to do is focus on being a good mother, focus on helping her charities more, doing more royal work, and not shopping and taking vacations so much.  Basically, stop being lazy and start being a working duchess.  The last thing Kate needs is more drama in her life.  If Kate did breastfeed in public, since there would be so much drama revolving around it, this woman’s agenda would actually backfire.  There would be so many people trash talking Kate for breastfeeding in public that if there are women who would follow what Kate does, they would look at the drama and think that they should be ashamed of breastfeeding too, since the outcry would be to shame Kate for breastfeeding in public.  That’s bad, isn’t it Bev?

Bev Turner is an idiot for not realizing how much unneeded drama what she is asking for would cause—for both Kate and her cause.  She’s just saying this to get her agenda in the press without realizing how stupid she sounds or that she’s just making Kate and herself look stupid for linking these two things.

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