Kate Middleton: world’s greatest style icon?

Kate Middleton: world’s greatest style icon?

Before I begin, I would like to say that this seems like a plug for the website that carried out the “survey” rather than an actual consensus of what people in Britain think.  So it is not surprising that Kate Middleton just so happened to be at the top of a “most fashionable celebrity” list.  Not to mention put in the same category as iconic women like Princess Diana and Audrey Hepburn.  I would not be surprised if the woman who led this “survey” cooked the books to make sure the Daily Mail (DM) printed a story about it, the DM will do anything to make “Kate Middleton, the style icon” happen.  And they love nothing more than to put her name in the same article with Princess Diana.  So let’s take this one with a grain of salt, shall we.

Kate Middleton, or the Duchess of Cambridge as the Daily Mail has taken to calling her lately, as opposed to how they refered to her as for the last two years, Kate Middleton, (someone’s PR team got to them—Carole Middleton anyone?) has been voted “most fashionable icon of modern time” by StyleinView.co.uk—whatever that is.  Yay, another random “survey” that tells us Kate Middleton is somehow a fashionable woman who should be adored.  Of course they HAVE to push the “she’s such a fashion icon” line because she isn’t anything else.  Her “fashion” is the only thing she has going for her.  She’s not well spoken, she’s not a hard worker, she’s not charitable, she wasted her education by not ever having a full time job and following a man around for ten years waiting for a ring.  Her clothes and her hair are all anyone can talk about because there is nothing else to her.  She’s a clothes horse and nothing else.  What a great role model to young girls, huh?

I love this quote from the woman who conducted the “survey”: “We were not surprised to see Kate Middleton… crowned the most fashionable celebrity as she has demonstrated a keen eye for knowing what suits her and dressing for the occasion.”  She has?  Since when?  Granted she has had some cute outfits and coats in the past two years, but for the most part she dresses too old for her age with dresses that are too short or wrong for the occasion.  Or that blow up in the wind—seriously, I could give her a pass once but after it happens four times enough is enough.  Ugh, I’m over the press trying to make her “fashion icon” bit happen.

In case anyone is wondering, I’m putting the word “survey” in quotes because clearly the results of this are fixed to make Kate look good and to get the name of the website in the papers.  But I’m covering it because I think the blatant PR attempt is funny.

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