Prince Carl Philip & Princess Sofia expecting second child

Prince Carl Philip & Princess Sofia expecting second child

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia are expecting a second child, the Swedish royal court announced today.

Prince Carl Philip Princess Sofia Prince Alexander March 2017

The court released a statement:

    “Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia are delighted to announce that The Princess is expecting their second child. The birth is expected to take place in September 2017.
    “‘We are happy to announce that we are expecting a child, a sibling to Prince Alexander. We are looking forward to welcoming a new little member to our family,’ says Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia.
    “No changes in the schedule of The Prince Couple’s public engagements are planned during the spring and summer of 2017.”

The court also released the above photo of Carl Philip, Sofia, and Prince Alexander, who turns 1 in April.

Congratulations and best wishes to Carl Philip and Sofia, both of whom are expected to attend the Official Dinner in Sweden tonight.

I will cover the tiara-filled Official Dinner on Saturday as I will be covering today’s Kate engagement tomorrow (I was going to pop off a post on it today, but haven’t had the time yet to devote to it – this one was much quicker).

79 thoughts on “Prince Carl Philip & Princess Sofia expecting second child

  1. I wonder if the Swedes have baby fatigue considering last year was such a baby centric yr with all of them having kids?
    I like that Alexander still has his baby chunks =) he seems to be a happy baby.
    I didn’t know there was a tiara event for them tonight! Yippee is Madeleine attending?

  2. Congratulations! Alexander is a little cuddle bug! I cannot wait for the christening. Estelle will be adorable. Leonore is going to be a little monkey. And Nicolas and Oscar and Alexander will be toddlering around.

    Thanks for posting, KMR! It was nice to get a nice bit of news today

    1. Yes, I thought the loose blouse she recently wore might be hiding a pregnancy, but I think it is somewhat rude to mention a possible pregnancy whenever anyone might not be looking their thinnest. I personally prefer to wait until there is an announcement! Certainly in my young married days there were many times when I’d not slept well and eaten too much and didn’t look thin – in fact when I told my boss I was pregnant (with my 2nd) he told me they had a pool going over whether I was pregnant of just fat!

      Anyway, I am happy for them. They always look so happy together that it makes me happy!

      1. Babbalou, I hope you told him, without missing a beat, you had a pools of your own going re. the ‘men’ in your office: whose partner would leave them first. That was an appalling and violation of any human resource policy. No doubt your boss thought it funny and a joke. Wonder how he and the lads would feel if the girls started measuring up the boys.

    1. He’s looking less greasy so that’s good. For a while, he just gave a major “ick” vibe to me but it is now lessening. When he was his in his late teens/early-mid 20s? Wowzer!! I remember everyone saying how he was Orlando Bloom’s doppelgรคnger! All of the Swedes are just lovely!!

        1. I’m doing good! I did my first Spartan Race (5 miles 20 obstacles) this past weekend. I finished! I completed obstacles that I failed last year. And to top it off, I was only 4 min slower than the same race last year! I am still paying for it. But, I’m proud. I’m 9 months post diagnosis. I cried my eyes out at the finish line because I didn’t know if it would be possible.

          How are you doing?

          1. Good! February and early March weren’t fun but I’m FINALLY up to snuff and am back to walking both ways (to and from work) and the weather is great so I’m enjoying it! Especially since the weather is going to start being horrendously hot and humid in about three months or less!

            Also, I FINALLY finished paying off a humongous bill on my credit card and it feels wonderful! Last, a friend invited me to see Beauty & the Beast with her this weekend and I can’t wait! Belle is one of my favorite Disney Princesses (tied with Mulan) and many of my friends saw it last weekend and raved about it on Facebook.

          2. I adore the new Beauty and the Beast movie!! I’ve seen it three times. Belle and Mulan are my favorite Disney Princesses, too. I actually thought the changes and additions to the new BatB movie improved on the original.

          3. Ooh let me know how it is! Belle was my favorite! She was the first brunette princess, I’m a brunette! She loved books, I love books. She was different than her peeps growing up, same here! Plus it had a meaning to it besides prince rescues damsel in distress/love at first sight=) also loved the library!!!
            I used to suggest it all the time when my niece wanted to watch a movie. No shame

          4. Congrats on paying that bill, Kimothy! That’s always a big accomplishment.

            I want to go see the movie but I have nobody to go with. I may go see it this weekend alone! Giant Icee, some Popcorn, just me. ๐Ÿ˜€ I was thinking it may be too scary for my son, though he adores princesses.

            As a kid I always dreamed of that library…

            The world’s most beautiful libraries! Have at ladies ๐Ÿ™‚ I sigh and drool.

          5. Kimothy, me!!! I bought a bunch of Ikea bookcases and got boyfriend to make it look like a built in unit. And I STILL have more books. But sadly our condo only has so much space. I have some of my books in boxes in our storage locker.

  3. Congratulations to Carl and Sophia and to Nicholas on becoming a big brother. The royal family are so delightful to read about. Thank you KMR, for this fantastic news. I wonder if it will be another boy. As long as the baby is happy and healthy.

  4. Congratulations to Carl and Sophia and to Alexander on becoming a big brother. The royal family are so delightful to read about. Thank you KMR, for this fantastic news.

      1. I like all the Swedish Children Kimothy. Though not as much as my nieces ๐Ÿ™‚ Alexander does look very happy.

  5. I love they way they share the news with the world on FB and with a formal announcement including an expected date and a current family photo. The Swedes at least have an appearance of getting some return on their taxation investment. I hate that the BRF is all Hush hush as if it is so beneath them to share the news this way. I truly believe if W&K ran an Instragram/FB account like Madeline good will would be much easier to find for them. Like Barney always said, “Sharing is Caring” and showing the world news and a few family photos now and then would actually go a long way towards goodwill with your countrymen.
    This is just my opinion and I am an American so I might be wrong.
    Thanks for the great pic and write up KMR!

    1. +1
      This news truly makes me happy for the SRF and the Swedes… And for myself, because I enjoy following this amazing looking family.

      Oh, and Sofรญa looks great in that green top.

  6. Alexander is such a cutie!! Look at that smile!! Also, I can’t remember the last time I saw CP look that happy (wait–maybe it was when Alex was born? Duh Kim! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

  7. I knew it! I think some of us commented a few weeks ago that we thought she was pregnant because she was wearing a loose fitting blouse when she visited a hospital.
    P.S. Great picture and I love when her hair is parted on the side.

  8. I always enjoy the Swedish family portraits. The children always look so expressive. I like the green color on Sonia and her hair is pretty parted to the side like this.

  9. Congratulations!I’m just so happy for Carl-Philip, Sofia and Alexander.I have the feeling that their children will become nice persons. Sofia is no snob and Carl-Philip seems to truly love her, that’s important for a family.

  10. Alexander is a lovely child, what a happy, sweet boy! Look at that face!

    And as I have nothing nice to say about the parents I’ll just say congrats. Meal ticket #2.

    1. Can we please not refer to children as “meal tickets”; I find it incredibly gross. I’ve seen it many times that when a woman people consider to be a golddigger has a child the people call that child a “meal ticket” or something similar and I always find it gross. 1) Children shouldn’t be though of like that, and 2) it completely negates the wishes of the father. Like, clearly Carl Philip loves his son and has been very happy to become a father. Sofia didn’t “trap” Carl Philip or some such nonsense, he clearly wanted children. We as a society need to stop thinking about children in terms of women trapping men, and start realizing that men want to have children, too.

      1. Oh, I don’t doubt CP and Sofia love their kids, but my opinion of Sofia is basically having children isn’t just because they want to, but to cement her position in the family. Seems especially apt to me re: royalty, but I feel that way about other royals too–not just Sofia. I’m sorry if I offended anyone, it was rude of me to say and I won’t use that term again. I don’t doubt Sofia loves her son, she has a lovely delight on her face looking at him. Carl-Philip, you can see how much he adores his beautiful baby and how much he loves his wife, and his sisters too–he seems like a very loving kind of man.

        I actually wish we saw more of Alexander, that smile is precious. He seems like a happy little guy. I wonder why they don’t do what Madeleine does, show him a bit on social media or whatever; I think it’s a great way to share royal babies growing up.

        1. I so agree Elle, I wish all the various royal parents would post photos and little updates of their children more often. I am wrong or have we not seen the Cambridge children since Christmas?

          1. I don’t think we have.

            I love how Madeleine connects with people in this way. The other royals have official social media accounts, why can’t they share personal pics every once in awhile? It would be a nice way to connect with people and make them feel invested in their child.

  11. Victoria: Estelle & Oscar
    Madeleine: Leonore & Nicholas
    Carl Philip: Alexander & ???

    Ooh, so exciting! If they have a girl, it will be 3 grandsons and 3 granddaughters for the King and Queen, how even lol. I think I love the royal babes more than the weddings.

    1. Either way, Silvia is going to be beside herself with happiness regarding the newest addition to the family. She just loves those grandbabies!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Wooow, it’s actually so unhealthy. How old is Alexander? For Sofia’s health they should’ve waited a little longer. Still happy for them of course! I just don’t get to rush.

    1. Alexander is 11 months. He’ll be around 17 months when the second child is born.

      1. Wow, that sounds rough, even with nannies honestly. Wonder if it was a whoops, then again I know people who purposefully had very small gaps to get the baby stage over with. I’d have lost my mind!!

      2. My daughter was 11 months old when I got pregnant with our son. The exact same age diff between my younger sister and I! Never any health issues to report- I never had any more kids but my mom had 3 more including a set of twins. Youth probably helps, but medical science is advancing so quickly anymore, that I’m sure Sofia will be fine.

        ** Forgot to add, my husband and his older sister are 11 months apart. There were health issues and my MiL was very young. She had a hysterectomy by 25. **

    2. I wouldn’t say it’s so unhealthy. More risks occur when a new pregnancy occurs within 6mo after giving birth. There are some risks associated with having back to back children but not enough to put into unhealthy category

      1. I was told by my doctor it’s best to wait at least two years between pregnancies for your body to recover. That was a few years ago, and God knows guidelines change every 5, haha.

        1. Two years is what they usually recommend and it has not changed. Pregnancy and labor have a huge influence on the female body, it needs time to recover. It’s not exactly dangerous, we live in 2017, but doctors do discourage it.
          But yeah, two under two it is. I feel sorry for Carl and Sofia already hahah! Though of course, I suppose they have plenty of help.

  13. Wow, they don’t take their time with anything, do they?


    1. Claire, please find some time this weekend and spoil yourself?

      Go to your happy place, maybe go shopping, or have a meal out?

      But please do something just for you this weekend?

      Sending a cyber hug from New Zealand

    2. Men! Been with my guy 8.5 years. Took 6 years to buy a condo together. Mind you, he’s been mentioning babies more and more lately. He did always say he wanted kids when he’s 30. And guess who turned 30 in December? LOl! I’m mentally prepping to lose my abs and flat mid section. Claire, go pamper yourself! You deserve it

  14. I thought she would have another one as soon as she could – they have help so not as hard as it would be for most. This way children are close in age which is nice for them. It would be too much for me but then I don’t have financial and other resources to deal with it ?

  15. I knew it! The photo of her walking in that loose blouse shouted “Pregnancy” to me in the last post about the Swedish Royals and the work that the couple are doing . Well, may I say, I am hoping for a girl!? Actually, a healthy baby, but I think they would like a daughter. Baby Sash alert, indeed!

    All best wishes to the couple and I hope the little Prince is not pushed out of they way too fast!!! He is darling.

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