Prince Carl Philip & Princess Sofia in new video about cyber bullying

Prince Carl Philip & Princess Sofia in new video about cyber bullying

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia have appeared in a new video released by their Foundation in which they discuss the Foundation’s goals and how they work to achieve them.


The video was filmed during the September 7 cyberbullying symposium (pictured above) at which Carl Philip and Sofia gave a speech.

During the video, they say:

    Sofia: “The Foundation’s message of work, on the whole, for the right of all children and the opportunity to be themselves. We felt it was quite obvious that choose to focus on bullying in our foundation. The Foundation stands on two legs, one is dyslexia and the other is cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is an easy way to bully and something that we both have experienced quite strong and feel great empathy for all those children who become victims.”
    Carl Philip: “We want to make a difference.”
    Sofia: “Want to get out the message, values ​​and tools for adults to talk with children about online. The goal is to create a fairer climate. Words hurt, no matter who you are.”
    Carl Philip: “A comment hurts as much online as in real life.”

I pulled the Swedish quotes from this article and translated them with Google Translate. In the video, which you can watch at their website, Sofia and Carl Philip say more than what has been transcribed, but since it’s in Swedish and there is no captioning I don’t know what else they’re saying.

As of right now, Carl Philip’s and Sofia’s next scheduled engagement is a January 30th board meeting with their Foundation.

I don’t know, you guys, I really want them to focus on this topic but they haven’t really since September, and I’m wondering what their Foundation will actually accomplish. Hopefully they step it up this year.

Also, Carl Philip and Sofia were spotted on vacation in South Africa with their son, Prince Alexander, several days ago.

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54 thoughts on “Prince Carl Philip & Princess Sofia in new video about cyber bullying

  1. Maybe I lack imagination, but I’m not sure how they can meaningfully engage an issue like this. You can either lobby for legislation that will curb things like revenge porn or doxxing or you can “build awareness” through…idk workshops? Funding grassroots efforts that target cyber bullying? We know that (most) royals try to depoliticize their advocacy efforts as much as possible, so lobbying probably isn’t in the cards for these two, so it’ll be interesting to see how they move forward with this particular cause. I do feel like cyberbullying is a personal issue for them, so…there’s that.

    Anyway, I think they’re lovely. I know that’s not exactly a popular opinion, but I think theyre just so sweet together – their affection and passion for each other is palpable imo, and it’s always nice to see coverage of them. Thank you, KMR!

    1. The event in September was a symposium with a bunch of young people, parents, and professionals, so maybe they’ll do more workshop type events targeted at young people to help them deal with cyberbullying? I really don’t know. I had hoped that since they did an actual symposium rather than the BS that William, Kate, and Harry do with their Heads Together thing that Carl Philip and Sofia’s Foundation would actually have something to show for itself, but since they haven’t done much with it since then I’m not sure what will happen with it. Well just have to wait and see.

      1. The symposium sounds promising – it shows their commitment to the issue, at least. As you said, time will tell! I just like to see them out and about. I do think they bring out the best in each other.

    2. I agree Lobbit. Last week I saw their wedding on YouTube and OMG how it was wonderfull. Carl Philii looked at her with adoration. I loved the entrance music and Carl gave one of the most beautiful wedding speeches I’ve ever heard. Simply magical.

      1. Ahh that wedding ceremony – that’s what did me in. I don’t know how anyone can watch that and not see the love between those two. I think I’ll go watch it again now lol!

  2. Another Kate blogger, Love Lola, absolutely loathes Sofia and spent weeks slut shaming her around the time of the wedding. Lola banned me for protesting this. Then she deleted all of my posts. So, yeah, Sofia knows a bit about what it is to be cyber bullied.

    1. Lola’s treatment of Sofia is one of the reasons I defend Sofia so much now. Honestly, Lola’s treatment of Sofia was life changing for me because it really made me reevaluate my thought processes and treatment of other people – including Kate. Do I agree with all of Sofia’s life choices? No. Do I think some of the things she’s said made her seem thirsty and stupid? Yes. Does that mean she deserves to be called a slut or a meth-mouthed whore? No.

      1. Sofia was young at the time she made her “mistakes”. People grown older and wiser and those who are intelligent, learn from their mistakes.

        I always liked Sofia (as much as it’s possible to like someone you don’t know personally) and this anti bullying project sounds honest to me. I can imagine, that other than Kate and William, Carl and Sofia attend meetings and work behind the scenes. Both of them are regularly seen at official events and if they spend a family holiday now in South Africa it doesn’t bother me at all. I wish them all the best and happiness:-)

    2. The vitriol leveled at Sofia (and at Carl for being with her) is staggering. It’s just so cruel and so soooo unnecessary. It’s part of the reason why I defend her – I always root for the underdog lol. And since she seems so earnest and sincere in her desire to work hard and contribute to the efforts of SWF, I find it easy to root for her.

    3. I don’t know why so many people don’t like Sofia. I saw the photos of course to know what we are talking about, but I think she is probably ashamed of it today. You can just learn for yourself not doing stupidities during your youth.
      She seems to be a good and healthy mother today and that is the most important thing for her son Alexander now 🙂

      1. Is she ashamed of mocking her disabled professor online? Until she apologizes for that, she has no place talking about bullying or cyberbulling. Sofia is another leopard who will never change her spots.

        The fact remains – these two are surplus to requirement. Everything they do as a “royal engagement” is to keep themselves full-time on the taxpayer payroll, when they should be moving into private life.

        1. “Everything they do as a “royal engagement” is to keep themselves full-time on the taxpayer payroll”

          This is true for every Royal out there, even the ones people like like Harry and Victoria.

          Re the disabled professor comment: have you never said anything rude or cruel that you regretted later? I have. Hell, on this blog I have. I go back and read some of my posts from 2013/early 2014 and am ashamed I wrote those things. But maybe I’m just a terrible person and should be shamed like Sofia because she and I are the only two people who have said dumb, rude crap during our teen/early 20s years.

          1. I’ll bet your horrible comments weren’t whitewashed from the internet by taxpayer-funded PR folks.

            There is a difference between criticism going too far and being cyberbullied. It appears some are conflating the two and, like William tries to do, it feels like an excuse to try to get any negative comments about her labelled cyberbullying. To shut down valid criticism.

            They are not in the same position as Victoria and Daniel, and it is disingenuous to pretend otherwise. In Sweden it is always that the spare siblings go off into private life and support themselves. In egalitarian Sweden, gender shouldn’t matter.

            5 political parties are trying to forcibly get all but the king and heir off the payroll. They want full access to the accounts so the king cannot sneak taxpayer funding to anyone.

            They are adults. You cannot blame only the king for this. They are choosing to stay on the gravy train, and thereby choosing to endanger the survival of Victoria’s line on the throne. I suspect they are that selfish, and CP may be convinced he lost his birthright so he should be allowed to suck the taxpayer dry. As long as CP&S get their cut, they aren’t going to worry about the consequences.

          2. “I’ll bet your horrible comments weren’t whitewashed from the internet by taxpayer-funded PR folks.”

            I don’t understand why that makes a difference. They’re still horrible comments that were stated a decade ago. If I were to be in the public eye, you can bet I’d scrub my Facebook and other stuff of the comments I didn’t like anymore and didn’t want anyone to know about. Anyone smart enough to think of that would.

            Literally the only reason any Royal does engagements is to keep the public fooled into thinking the Royal is value for money. That goes for everyone. Including the Monarchs and heirs apparent.

          3. I should be shamed too KMR! I said and did many things as a young person that cause me to wake up sweating and shaking now, just thinking about them makes me cringe.

            And I have to ask why does everyone have to make a public confession/apology nowadays? Who is that really for? The person who was harmed or the society who feels they have a right to judge?

          4. Lauri, she not only didn’t apologize, she publicly stated that she has no regrets. That would indicate that she feels nothing she did was wrong, including the offensive comments mocking her professor. That struck a really bad chord with me.

          5. Perhaps she did apologize to the professor in private, we will never know. Also, I can say that I don’t have any regrets either, except for those I might have harmed but again why does she need to make that public? Does she have to appear in a public square, gnash her teeth and pull her hair out before the people? Would that be enough? Probably not for some. I have to ask, what does she need to do to make it better for you?

  3. I hope Carl Philip and Sophia do focus on cyberbullying. The anonymity of the internet and its lack of accountability makes it a perfect breeding ground for bullying. I will be interested to see what tangibles they produce with this focus, hopefully more than a few announcements and an anti-bullying campaign. I would like policy change, even if only in Sweden. Although the EU has tough digital privacy laws, I imagine they would be keen on comment moderating and website policing.

    I understood William would potentially meet with a few US companies ?Facebook? about developing a comprehensive plan on cyberbullying on social media as a part of an upcoming US tour/visit. I am more interested that he take on the Daily Fail than Facebook and get them to moderate the comments. What a fantastic start that would be. In the UK too.

    1. I get why William’s taskforce would go to Facebook since that’s where most young people would be bullied by their peers. I also get why William himself would go to Facebook, Twitter, etc because that’s where people post sightings of and comments about William, Kate, and the kids and that’s really what William wants to control. But I do think the comment sections of some websites, blogs and forums are terrible about cyberbullying.

      1. Thanks, KMR. I closed my Facebook account some time ago so I do not follow there. I’m still surprised that they are choosing Facebook first for several reasons: Millennials and younger (the age group of focus of the Foundation) are bypassing Facebook for apps such Snapchat and perhaps Instagram. Facebook (and Instagram by virtue of ownership) has fairly robust mechanisms in place already for users to selfpolice and report. At most Facebook could moderate, which would change the format from an electronic bulletin board to a forum, not something they would be keen to do since the current format is financially viable. Twitter is an issue, but since very few of the target age group are on Twitter plus it’s currently financially non viable, it may be moot by the time Millennials and younger generations become interested in what Twitter has to offer.

        If the Cambridges start with Facebook and Twitter on the campaign, it may very well be an attempt to control the narrative regarding his family. I did not think of it that way.

    2. The DM moderate their comments according to whatever agenda they happen to be pushing.

      They post click baity articles designed for a particular reaction, but they don’t publish truly shocking comments like you would see on twitter or facebook.

      And despite the horrid tone of some of their articles, they are rarely sued or censured by the subjects/authorities unlike other newspapers like Murdoch press. It could be that the subjects choose not to sue, but the DM has a better track record regarding legal trouble of that kind.

      And the journalists of it’s rightminds section keep winning awards for journalism so clearly the DM isn’t as reviled as people imagine it is.

      1. Btw, i’m not saying the DM can’t do better, but i guess i’m used to our more salacious tabloids. We are still fighting page 3 in the murdoch press yet that remains a very popular and lucrative item for public and glamour modelling industry.

        The DM showbiz section employs the ethos of our tabloid press and employs editors from that industry eg Piers Morgan. The language of the articles and the pictures are straight out of tabloids like the sun and the mirror.

        The entire effect is not helped by celebrities colluding with the site to feature on there.

        As far as it’s politics, it’s always been a right wing, Xenophobic paper that promotes little Englander attitudes. And socially and culturally it’s the UK’s right wing judgy relative – it’s approach to all stories is to be extremely shocked by everything and everyone.

        All our media have extreme bias according to which side of the divide they fall on. And they are rude to the other side.

        You want a polite, non biased paper that is also less bullying than the others, you read the independent.

      2. I had to create a DM account just to get them to remove some racist comments about Michelle Obama. Didn’t want a DM account, but wanted them to take some action about the rampant, racist attacks of FLOTUS.

      3. Websites that say they moderate user comments use an order of importance for editing, the DM is no less. I am not particularly bothered by the journalistic slant since all print should be read critically, but I’ve seen such horrendous reader comments in regards to the article subjects and other commenters that I no longer read them. Still the DM has their fair share of IPSO complaints about the journalism, particularly about the web articles. The print version is better, probably because it’s impossible to scrub or edit articles and the focus is different from the online version.

        Since cyberbullying has been on William”s agenda since at least 2012 and it was published in June 2016 that it was a focus of the Royal Foundation, I would have thought he would have started at home rather than abroad since he has influence here.

        Regardless, William appears to be confusing cyberbullying with privacy invasion if KMR is right and he wants to control the narrative. The two matters are separate and require different approaches.

        1. The DM employs completely different teamsfor it’s print, mailonsunday, mailonline and editions.

          Each edition also has a different editorial team which is further separated fro m the country editorial teams eg the USA, UK and Australua editions of all the above.

          The online editions are the most problematic and tabloidy ones.

          The closest you get to see the print editions and the mailonsunday editions is if you read all other sections barring the tv/showbiz sections. Infact, that section only appears on the online editions. And is geared towards click bait articles and salacious gossip and innuendo in exactly the same way that you have the print versions of the Murdock press such as the sun or the mirror.

          The Murdoch press are notoriously being sued, not just IPSO’d. All.the.time.

          The DM’s IPSOs are not that many by comparison.

    3. There is a difference between comments on blogs and sites that go way too far (ie. racist comments about Michelle Obama, some posters on certain royal sites or forums, etc.) and cyberbullying.

      Royals who do not like negative comments about their behavior are not being cyberbullied, they are being criticized. Yes, that comment can go overboard but if you’re in a solid community, those posters are generally ignored or shut down by the community posters. If they’re not, then someone like Harry is right in calling out media sites themselves for failing to moderate the extremes.

      Letizia was being cyberbullied (or close to it), because is was someone on twitter directly attacking Letizia via the official Palace twitter account. Going on about surrogacy, fake heirs, whatever. That was actual cyberbulling, because it was directly engaging with Letizia’s social media.

      If people are going onto Meghan Markle’s website and attacking her personally, she is being cyberbullied. If they are going on DM and making vile, hateful, racist comments about her? That technically isn’t cyberbullying. It needs to be moderated, DM needs to take action, but technically they aren’t the same thing.

    4. I’m so tired of people saying cyber bullying is their cause. William, Sofia and now Melania trump. All these people should start at home first. It’s obviously the cause du jour but lets be honest, none of these people are going to change anything in the ways of cyber bullying.

      1. They may also be taking the wrong tack. Some studies have shown that a mindfulness curriculum decreases bullying more than anti-bullying campaigns do. Less “don’t do this” and more “do this”.

  4. I’m not a fan of Sofia. However, vicious namecalling and slutshaming is unforgivable and why I’ve sworn off visiting places like LLH & RD. You can communicate your dislike of someone w/o vitriol.

  5. I think everyone knows I don’t like Sofia so I don’t comment…but it made me think of the horrific time one of my cousins got dragged through the mud by mean girls in school. It was vile. They started a blog about her, and fake Facebook accounts, spreading rumors, etc (she’s a slut, she slept with a bunch of guys, she cheated on everything, threatening to post naked photos of her they manipulated in Photoshop that weren’t her!!!!)–she had to leave. Nothing happened to these girls who so viciously attacked her. I can’t see any royal engagement or involvement in cyberbullying changing the landscape, getting lawmakers and groups involved. For William we know it is about controlling the narrative, as in his world criticism is bullying; I hope for CP and Sofia it is different.

    I don’t like her past and judge her hardcore for it along with other sketchy things, because it doesn’t seem she regrets it, but anybody talking about cyberbullying and not in the way William whines about it is good.

    KMR, you’ve made me think about how I ought to be more generous towards Sofia et al so thank you.

    1. “There is nothing noble about being superior to other people. True nobility is in being superior to your former self”

      This rings true for me in a profound way. It’s why I’m rooting for Sofia.

    2. I am on edge with your comment. I understand you judge her hardcore for making an appearance in a certain magazine with (cheap) erotic photos and starring in a tacky tv show that involved sexual content? Why do we think we can judge a person for this. I surly wouldn’t do that but it is not my call and I didn’t have to marry her. Women fight hard to not be judged and slut shamed for their own decisions regarding their bodies and sexuality. Next we go back slut shaming woman that have sex before marriage or for wearing short skirts.

      1. She was 16 when she posed nude! There’s something very wrong with that. Honestly, part of me pities and sympathizes with her; she was used, whether or not she wanted to do that. Sixteen! I can’t get over that. She wanted to be famous, so used her body and sexuality to do that. I find it distasteful, especially as it seems at sixteen this is something she wanted… Just too young, and underage. It makes me so uncomfortable. Then starred in some reality show, and was very open about sleeping around to get around in New York; there’s a blog she and another gal made about their…adventures in New York. Like talking about flipping a coin with a guy she was sleeping with as to who’d get up with his kid in the morning.

        It makes /me/ uncomfortable a woman who has done those things poses herself as some savior of children and especially young girls. Not to mention her charity has done some pretty sketchy things–donation money going into Sofia’s personal account, not to mention putting on fashion shows with these girls, and there are photos of them in bikinis performing rather suggestively; it puts a bad taste in my mouth, using these children for good PR, and having them do stuff like that when isn’t part of the charity to help these girls who potentially are victims of sexual abuse? In my opinion, Sofia created the charity to make herself more palatable. It’s strange considering her sisters are two very well educated women, and Sofia didn’t even graduate high school AFAIK.

        But if you want to say I am slut shaming a woman who for all intents and purposes used her body and sex to get ahead and is proud of it, go ahead. I don’t like women who act like that. I find it demeaning, gross, and a poor reflection of a person’s character. If Sofia regretted the poor decisions she made, I would feel a lot more charitable towards her. Those are the problems I have with Sofia.

        I would be willing to overlook them and think she is genuine, and I wish she is, but part of me really thinks this is just another step in the ‘I want to be famous’ thing. Find a prince, marry him, the same thing Kate and Mary did, but Sofia’s past is altogether sketchy. I judge people based on their behavior. And her behavior is nothing to really admire, IMO. If I had a daughter I’d use Sofia as an example of what not to do.

        I do find the namecalling and nastiness towards Sofia not acceptable, but having problems with her doesn’t make you some awful person either.

    3. “because it doesn’t seem she regrets it” – exactly Ellie. She has said she has no regrets. She is a dangerous role model for young women. Create child porn, use sex to get ahead, mock your disabled professor, marry a prince and all will be well.

      She should have followed Chris’s lead, refused a title, and stayed with the charity. These two keep pushing forward as if they are supposed to be supported by taxpayers – when they are supposed to be supporting themselves.

      The misogynist king doesn’t help, but these two lack the self-awareness and dignity to do what is right for their country as Maddie has done. To that end, I see every appearance and any “royal work” they do as tainted. It all appears as excuses to stay on the payroll.

      1. Sofia created child porn? Was she filmed/photographed or was she the one who filmed/photographed it? If she was the one filmed/photographed then she’s a victim and deserves sympathy; if she was the one who filmed/photographed it then she should be in jail and deserves torture.

        Or are you talking about those photos from when she was 16 which her parents consented to? Because I know about those and I blame her parents because they’re the ones who consented to that.

        1. Why blame her parents when she was the one who wanted to do it? They shouldn’t have IMO, but given her forceful personality, who knows how she convinced them?

          She chose to spend years doing nude modeling, “glamour modeling”, reality tv. From what I’ve seen, she was determined to become famous, and used her body to do that. Their concession appears to have been having an aunt go with her, but they didn’t stop her from doing the photo shoot (as I hope any of us would have stopped one of our children from doing).

          The photos are considered child porn in Sweden, as any photos of that nature of anyone 18-or-under would be.

          1. If the photos are considered child porn because she was too young to consent to being photographed in that way, then she could not consent to the photos being taken whether she wanted them taken or not, therefore her parents are to blame because they are the ones who consented. One can’t blame Sofia for the photos because she wanted to do it but then say it’s child porn and illegal because she was too young to consent. Either she consented and is to blame or couldn’t consent and it’s child porn and illegal. What Sofia did once she was 18 is all on her, but those photos from when she was 16 are not her fault because she was too young to consent to them.

          2. You and I will never agree on this one. I see Sofia as someone determined to be famous, and she wasn’t going to let her parents stand in the way.

            I blame her parents for not stopping her, but I blame Sofia more because she wanted to do them and she continue in the same vein for years. She chose that path as her career, it wasn’t a one-time deal forced on her by her parents.

            I’ve worked with teens, as messy and emotional and whiplash as they are. Some are wonderful, others are as manipulative as they come. They become again the toddler versions of themselves, only on hormones. William the petulant teen hating his role mirroring Wills the petulant toddler hating his role, etc.

          3. The subjects of child porn are victims – that includes Sofia. Whoever took those photos of her is a predator, and her parents failed her utterly in allowing her to be exploited.

          4. I would like to know more about photos of Sofia’s that are considered are considered child porn in Sweden.

            I don’t approve of a teenagers being allowed to make do nude and/or suggestive modeling but as a person who frequents fashion websites Americans like me get told off about our prudish ways all the time. I don’t plan to change my prudish ways but I do recognize that my sensibilities are not shared across the board.

            I don’t want to sound like I approve of it but it is not inconceivable to me that there are loving and responsible parents who are just more liberal and permissive than I would be.

            I have not seen bare breasted photos of Sofia when she was a teenager but I have seen bare-breasted photos of Frida G., a well known Swedish model when she was Sofia’s age or even younger, although I don’t think the publication was a Swedish publication. Bon Magazine, which is a Swedish fashion magazine, along with numerous other fashion magazines, features young models, models who are too young IMO, in editorials where they are nude, nearly nude and/or depicting sexually suggestive situations.

          5. The photos I’ve seen of Sofia from when she was 16 are of her covering her bare breasts with her arms and her wearing clothes on the beach with her hands tied behind her back. I think there’s also one of her lying on her stomach on the beach with her legs out behind her.

      2. I’m with KMR here.

        It’s on her parents because they had to give consent. Refuse consent and it’s illegal if she still goes ahead with it and the photographer should be blamed, not the child. Give consent, and we can only judge the parents. Blaming Sophie is the Lolita defence child predators use.

        That said, if she is OK with her former career, why should she regret it? She doesn’t owe us any apologies.

        She said/did some stupid things as a teen/young adult… do many people. If they carry that into adulthood and future, that’s a different thing and we can judge.

        When she met CP, she clearly decided to make herself over to suit the life she wanted. Again many people do this. She ditched the glamour modelling career, started doing some charity work, and is continuing that post marriage. No biscuit flashing – i still can’t believe Kate has caused us to use this as a standard!!!

        If she isn’t supposed to be on royal duties and sucking taxpayer money, that’s a thing to criticise.

        ….but to keep beating her over the head because of a past she left behind many years ago is ridiculous.

        And this isn’t the same as Kate who has never changed her past in the sense that she is still doing what she did a decade ago today.

      3. Part of me really feels awful for Sofia being allowed to do that at 16. It really is unconscionable her parents allowed it. She was determined to be rich and famous, okay, but posing nude at 16 which is underage…not okay. She was used by the people who took her pictures and assured her she’d be famous from it. :/

  6. I don’t like either of these two people. Like W&KM their anti-bullying cause lacks a structure and has no specifics. And Carl Philip seems just as pointless and spoiled as W.

    1. I think, like W&K, they are two peas in a pod. CP is spoiled and entitled, thinks he deserved everything. His “business” involves stealing other peoples ideas and when caught, whistling Dixie and pretending it never happened. Twice he has broken laws/planning rules regarding his properties. He does what he wants and doesn’t think there are any consequences.

      She appears to have run charity money through her personal accounts. She has filed documents to start a business (fashion and business consulting???). Instead of using one of their three private properties, she used the Palace address and Palace staff as consultants. Business consulting? Can you say influence peddling and conflict of interest?

      These two are the next Inaki and Cristina.

  7. It is a good idea to talk about the issue of cyber bullying, since I do believe there is definitely an issue there. But how exactly can this issue be conquered? The internet is the ultimate free speech, to end the issue of cyber bullying a person would have to figure out how to speak directly to human nature and change the minds of those who write these comments. It is not so much a technical or cyber issue, but a sociological one pertaining to human nature itself. To end cyber bullying, one must work on ending bullying itself.
    So are they more concerned with legislation protecting young people who go online? Or getting better ways to report or ban bullies from social media? Or are they really getting to the heart of the issue and trying to figure out why a person would be a bully in the first place which seems like a much more difficult issue to address.
    In the end, I am not sure how this initiative will set goals for itself and have something measurable for us to study over time to say whether or not their work has accomplished anything.

    I don’t want that to sound cynical, I just mean that this is a very large issue and unless they have very specific, concrete goals that they hope to achieve it sort of sounds like empty talking with no action to support it. Similar to what Will and Kate do with Heads Together. The idea is a good one, but what are the specific goals?

    With Harry and Sentabale, if he says he wants to educate children in Lesotho and then he helps build a school, that is a concrete thing. I can see that a school has been built and children will be educated there. It is easier to measure. How are Sofia and CP going to measure this initiative?

    Before I donate to any cause or organization I always research precisely what the money will go to. For example, one of my favorite charities is Dr. Catherine Hamlin’s Fistula Ethiopia. Her website is very well organized. She tells you that $20 will buy shoes and a dress for a woman admitted into the hospital. Or that $800 will fund an operation for one woman. I like this because it shows me exactly what the money will be used for.

    So I guess all I am saying is for broad, general topics like “cyber bullying” or “mental health” they are such huge issues that they really need to be broken down much further than that. Are we dealing with eating disorders? PTSD? Post-Partum Depression? And then go from there and break it down even further. I just feel like this needs to be much more focused before the public would be comfortable donating. I wonder if Heads Together will survive, or if the work Sofia and Carl-Philip is doing will have longevity.

    Prince Charles had funding issues with the Prince’s Trust a long time ago and they thought it would fail, and that is an excellent organization. Harry has had money issues with Sentabale, too.

    I just don’t see how Heads Together and this Foundation will be able to continue long term with how many excellent organizations there are out there. I hope that they will do more work with dyslexia, though. That seems like a more specific issue and one they could bring a lot of awareness to through encouraging people to get children help for dyslexia at a young age. Maybe they can try to establish dyslexia reading programs in schools throughout Sweden?

  8. I did many stupid things when I was 16. My dreams for my future were silly. I’ve since then grown up. It would be awful if everytime I did something, anything, I would be reminded that I can’t be taken seriously and that I am a bad person because of my “punk rocker/anarchist” years when I was a teenager. And I don’t understand why I would need to apologize for and regret my past.
    Some grow up faster than others, maybe Sofia belong to the slower ones. She seems to be a different person now. Madeleine seem to belong to the slower ones also, but she gets praised for growing up and being an adult. Who knows, if she hadn’t married (money), maybe she would live off the taxpayers more than she does now.

    I remember one interview with Carl Philip and Sofia, I think it was before the wedding, they were at Solliden perhaps and in that interview Sofia said the phrase she did not regret. I didn’t think that she ment it like “I never ever ever regret anything I’ve done and I am proud of every single thing I’ve ever done.” It was more like she was asked how about your past and she answered that she’s fine with it. That she would perhaps not now make the same decisions, but at least she has lived her life to the fully. She also said that it was “tråkigt” to always talk about it, that the focus is on that. The word is often translated as yawn boring but it’s also used to describe something that’s not nice, is sad etc. So she did not say it’s a boring topic. I didn’t get the feeling that she would be indifferent with her past or that she is really proud of it. She would not do it again but wouldn’t erase it either.

    I would also use Sofia as an example. I would say to my child, that even when you’ve made some embarrassing choices, don’t give up, you can start over and become something totally different.

  9. I’ve made my issues with Sofia known and she hasn’t shown that she’s truly changed her ways. I don’t expect public flagellation of her misdemeanors and if she hadn’t chosen the charities/causes that she has, they would just be sketchy choices IMO.
    The end cyber bullying when she herself was a bully without addressing her her past is just hypercritical. I think the same of William.
    The work with childhood and her past is more problematic for me. Whether you see her as victim of exploitation or her acting in her own doesn’t change the fact, just the talking point. Her doing the raunchy tv show and making out with a porn star was all her doing as an adult.
    She’s not the 1st woman to make money/living of her body to try and get a rich man and she won’t be the last. I’m not saying they’re whores leading the innocent men through the gates of hell via their vaginas. I’m saying there’s usuary going on, on both sides. I hear my nursing coworkers trying to land dr so and so. My friend’s mom paid her social memebership to a club so she could “meet the right kind of man”, Kate and Pippa…. but these people aren’t then turning around and working with a charity that is about ending the exploitation of children and helping those that have been abused. She could talk about her choices in a meaningful way but they choose to ignore her past like it never happened.

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