Prince Jacques & Princess Gabriella join Princess Charlene for Monaco National Day

Prince Jacques & Princess Gabriella join Princess Charlene for Monaco National Day

November 19 is Monaco National Day, and Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella made an appearance on the balcony of the Prince’s Palace of Monaco with Princess Charlene and Prince Albert.

National Day in Monaco, formerly known as the Feast of the Sovereign, was held on November 19 to mark the anniversary of Prince Rainier III’s (1923-2005) accession to the throne ceremony which took place on November 19, 1949. The second part of Albert’s enthronement investiture took place on November 19, 2005 (the first part took place on July 12, 2005 after ascending on April 6, 2005), and Albert chose to keep National Day on November 19 in honor of his father.

The day began with a mass service at the Cathedral of Monaco before the princely family moved to the Courtyard of the Prince’s Palace of Monaco.

Above L-R: Louis Ducruet (Stephanie’s son), Princess Stephanie, Princess Alexandra (Caroline’s daughter), Princess Caroline, Sacha Casiraghi (Andrea’s son), and Princess Charlene.

Below L-R: Andrea Casiraghi, India Casiraghi (Andrea’s daughter), Tatiana Santo Domingo, Charlotte Casiraghi, Pierre Casiraghi, and Beatrice Borromeo. Beatrice is pregnant, reportedly six months and due in early 2017.

Charlene wore black, which is usual for her. She typically wears darker colors to this event, although other members of the princely family tend to wear brighter colors.

The princely family appeared on the balcony as part of the National Day celebrations, and Albert and Charlene brought out the twins, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella.

Two more kiddos attended the National Day celebrations: 3-year-old Sacha Casiraghi, and 19-month-old India Casiraghi – Andrea’s and Tatiana’s two children.

And Charlotte’s 2-year-old son Raphaël Elmaleh joined her on the balcony.

In the evening, there was a Gala at the Grimaldi Forum, which Charlene finally showed up to after missing this gala for the last several years.

Charlene wore a new white Akris “Embellished Gown” from the Fall/Winter 2016 collection. The sleeveless silk shantung gown features a front leather cut out embellishment and a tulle V-neck inset. The navy gown from the collection costs $7,950, although Charlene’s is a custom white gown.

Charlene wore the badge, sash, and star of the Order of Saint-Charles (Monaco).

40 thoughts on “Prince Jacques & Princess Gabriella join Princess Charlene for Monaco National Day

  1. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love Charlene’s evening look. She looks every inch the consort.

    Gabrielle and Jacques are as adorable as they’ve always been. Jacques takes after his mother’s side and Gabrielle looks like her dad. Loved their little white coats and mom looked great again too!

    So many young children in this family. I hope they are all going to be close as they grow up.

    It’s always interesting to me how the entire family is there or represented. I compare it to the extended members of the BRF crowding on to the balcony.

    This was a nice post. Both Prince Albert and Charlene look very relaxed since the babies were born. It’s nice to see.

    Thanks KMR!

  2. Charlene looks a little happier lately. She still looks like a hostage, but it appears her cell is a little more comfortable. I do worry about her… and don’t think Monaco is an easy place to live.

    1. You’re right, I think it’s a tricky place to live. I’m hoping maybe that’s just her natural resting expression, and not an indicator of anything negative. She looks sweet with the twins.

      1. Negative? Oh gosh, this marriage is weirder than Charles and Diana’s. There are rumors that Charlene tried to runaway and Albert confiscated her passport. I don’t know if they’re true. I do know he has two or three illegitimate children and one popped up right before their wedding.

        Watch any video of them kissing at a state function. You’ll see it’s not a love match. (He acts like she has cooties.) There a lot of weird rumors about the Grimaldi’s. (His sexual proclivities, Caroline’s dislike of Charlene, etc.) They are not considered the nicest or most wholesome clan.

        1. I agree, their chemistry is a bit off. I hope those rumours are not true.

          And I think Charlene has RBF. If she tried to force a smile it would be even worse and artificial.

        2. All of those are rumors, rumors, rumors. iirc they won a lawsuit against the tabloids that published the runaway bride rumors. And no third child has shown up. He has the two we all knew about before they got married. They also have a relationship with his daughter Jazmin. I’d think the relationship with his son is more strained, because of his mother’s actions.

          They were in a relationship for 7 years before they got married. She knew what she was getting, and she obviously wanted to marry him or she wouldn’t have.

          I think they are fine, nothing odd here, other than being uncomfortable being in the public eye. They are two people who are even closer now because the twins have arrived and taken off that massive pressure. When you see the more casual pictures of them, or the video of them together, there is no awkwardness.

          Anybody who gets Caroline on their bad side is doing the right thing. Caroline is not the first lady of Monaco, and she needs to stop acting like she is. That woman (and her children) would be wise to live quietly in France or Germany.

          1. Nota I couldn’t have put it better. Caroline was First Lady for so long and she has had her nose put out of joint. Her own personal life is somewhat convoluted, yet she is clearly still spending a lot of her brothers money.
            I think Charlene is wonderful right down to her short hair and bright distinctive red lipstick and the twins are simply gorgeous and clearly very close to both parents.

          2. I love Charlene. I’m delighted to see her not only attending a gala she’s skipped in the past, but smiling and looking reasonably comfortable. I take it as sign certain tensions have eased. Still, nothing will convince me she’s been “serene” the last few years or had an easy adjustment to life with the Grimaldi’s. There’s too much photo/video/interview evidence to the contrary.

            It’s true she married eyes wide open, knowing full well what she was getting into — and I think it’s true that, even in the best of circumstances, she’s the kind of person who’d have to struggle to feel at ease in the public eye. I totally wish her the best and love seeing her with children, who are clearly a source of joy to both parents. But, no, I don’t dismiss the evidence that Monaco is snake pit and depression is the fast track to resting bitch face.

          3. I think her first few years were difficult because of the pressure to produce an heir. Once healthy twins arrived after a tough pregnancy, she and Albert could breathe many sighs of relief.

            I have no doubt that Albert will put (and has put) Caroline in her place regarding Charlene. His line is destined for the throne, not hers, and he’s cemented that with two kids. Caroline got too used to the idea that her line was going to take over, and I have no doubt there has been tension about that. But now they are firmly set aside.

            I don’t see depression in Charlene, I don’t see unhappiness. I see two shy people who are sometimes awkward in photos. She knew how to be in the public eye, from her years of competition. That doesn’t make the attention given royalty completely easy to deal with, but easier than for someone who was never in the public eye before.

            If you look at their facebook page, you’ll see some adorable behind-the-scenes photos that show a more relaxed demeanor.


            She is said to rely on Sophie Wessex and Maxima for advice, and those two may be her closest confidants, along with trusted friends from her competition days.

          4. Thanks for the link to the Facebook page. Some lovely behind the scenes photos and nothing suggests to me she is unhappy. She doesn’t have a huge smile like Kate but she seems contented to me and loving motherhood. I love her style too, very French chic, and I love the fact that she is still so involved with SAfrica.

          5. Time will tell. Whatever happens to Charlene and Albert, I, personally, shall remain relieved my husband doesn’t kiss me that way in public or in private.

            Some may not find playboy Albert’s style of kissing weird … (*whispers* but, trust me, it’s weird. The Grimaldi concept of marriage flies way outside the norm).

  3. I think Charlene looks great in both the black and the white!

    I don’t have strong feelings either way, but I had a good laugh when I read this description of the brothers from a comment on Celebitchy:

    “What do you know, the Ugly duckling son got fine and Andrea is Out here looking like he died of consumption in the 17th century after his intended married another more famous poet

  4. Charlene looks fabulous in the evening outfit, stunning. I wish she’d let her hair grow out a bit, but that’s just my personal view. None of the day outfits did it for me. With all their cash, you’d think they’d look better! Charlene’s hat was pretty, though. Nice to see Caroline with her grandson. Cute children!!

  5. i usually like red lipstick, but this shade on Charlene is too bright in my opinion. I enjoy seeing the children. Beatrice always seems the most elegantly dressed in the group shots, and this year is not an exception. I think Princess Alexandra’s coat would be something Kate would love. The color is lovely.

  6. Charlotte is so gorgeous and stylish. Those lips!

    Such a funny funny family. The hostage Princess, the late in life kids, the illegitimate kids, the sister’s families and all their dramas.

    They really give the BRF a run for their money in the drama stakes.

    Here’s hoping the new generation have a more peaceful life.

  7. With the exception of Albert, the Monaco family are a good looking bunch- definitely not like the horsey-faced Windsors (only Harry, Sophie and Kate, from her newly married days, being the exceptions). Charlene looks gorgeous and elegant. The kids, they look so grown up now but look like they are a little tired 🙁

    1. What’s funny is that Albert looks like the extended Kelly family, including Grace who is celebrated for her beauty.

      The rest of the family look more like their Grimaldi ancestors yet people never credit the Grimaldi good looks.

      1. Don’t think that I’ve ever seen pics of the Kelly family, but I do think Albert resembles his mother, just in a different way than his sisters. Actually, stick Albert in a group of middle-aged, East Coast CPAs and he would blend right in. There’s really nothing distinctive about his appearance at all. (Not saying that’s a bad thing, btw.)

    2. To me it looks like Stephanie and Caroline have indulged in too many cigarettes and not enough sunscreen!
      And the casiairaghi children all seem to be a little odd.
      Love both of Charlene’s look! Especially the white!
      Is this the trend in Europe at the moment, not to cut your children’s hair? Not a fan

      1. I’ve always felt so sorry for Stephanie. So hard to be a teenage rebel in such a public family, and then not only to lose your mother but to be forever linked to the accident that killed her–I don’t know how you’d ever get over it. Hope that she’s finally found peace and happiness.

  8. I love Charlene’s looks aside from that lipstick. Red is fine, but this shade doesn’t work for her. I have no quibbles with her hair, although I’m on Team Pixie myself, so I might be biased. She definitely has RBF. Any attempts at forcing a smile would definitely look fake and uncomfortable. The twins are adorable.

    I’ve read a few places where Charlene’s close friends have spoken openly about wanting to “rescue” her. Everyone looks so uncomfortable that you can’t help but believe that things aren’t dandy in Monaco.

    1. If they said any of that publicly, you can bet they aren’t her real friends. More likely hangers on who are looking to make a fast buck selling fan fiction to the tabloids.

      1. I am not denying the potential truth of your statement BUT when we snark about Kate and Wiliam we are happy to believe the “close” sources that give private information to the tabloids. If we choose to believe those “insiders” we have no logical argument to refuse the others. That said: I find myself to believe a lot of the negative rumours around the Grimaldis and only half the statements about our beloved Lord and Lady Lazy (the positive and the negative ones). That is totally my personal bias, because I just don’t like them (as you can dislike people you do not know in person).

        1. William has always strictly controlled the sources close to them, to the point of feeding false info and seeing which one squealed. That one was removed. So the remaining sources that leak pro-Middleton info are far more likely to be sanctioned by the Middleton PR guru and now Jason.

          The other side come from “palace sources”, which is always said as a way for the press to have plausible deniability when they have been told it directly (but off the record) by a palace source.

  9. For once, Stephanie looks appropriately dressed. Not for National Day in general, but finally she’s not wearing something she dragged out of her daughter’s closet.

  10. Thank you for the post KMR. I apologise for not being more on here. I have had a job interview, job searching and trying to access this site which is not allowed in the local library expect on a laptop.

    I do like Charlene’s hat. That stands out for me. I also like Alexandra’s coat. A pretty blue and just right for her age. I forget, Alexandra must be 18 years old or in her early twenties. India and Raphael look adorable. Sasha looks grumpy. The twins look cute. Is there a reason they are wearing white?

    Congratulations to Beatrice. Though Beatrice looks glum. I guess the fairytale mirage is slipping.

    Thank you kMR. I learn more about this royal famliy the more I see them. The first time the family were all in morning in hello magazine that my grandmother gave me.

    1. Hi Laura, Good luck with the job hunting!

      Alexandra is 17 – born in 1999. I don’t think there is any reason the twins are wearing white; last year they wore dark grey coats.

      1. Hi KMR,

        Thank you. I start my temporary job tomorrow. I remembered from this blog the comments on body language and posture. I think I might have used the word keen but that was only in small talk. Alexandra has lovely open body language and the clutch bag at the side.

      1. Thank you all. Training has been completed these last couple of days. I don’t think I would have had the confidence if it had not been for you lot in a way.

  11. The Monagasque RF has always been intriguing for me. High drama. That drama existed past Rainier and Grace. It continued during Caroline’s teenage years to her marriage and annulment to Junot to her marriage and death of Casiraghi. Don’t get me startedon Ernst August. And Stephanie breaks my heart. I hope she has the peace and tranquility she deserves.

    That being said, imho think people expect there to be a little drama there. And the siblings’ activities didn’t help. I do like Charlene she os stylish as all get out. I do think she has RBF. And I do think her lack if command of the language doesn’t help. Add to that some of the Monagasque citizens haven’t been kind to her.

    I love this family because there are so many interesting dynamics and a whole lot of couture. Thanks for the update, KMR!

  12. I think Charlene is gorgeous. And, the twins are too cute for words! Both Charlene and Albert appear to dote on the children.

    As for the family dynamic, wow! I have so many friends not looking forward to Thanksgiving Dinner this week, but for Charlene, I can’t imagine the family didnners anytime at all. Of course, perhaps, there are no major family dinners.

    Beatrice looked gorgeous in the photo. And, Charlotte really is beautiful. I would think that having Caroline and Stephanie as my sister-in-laws would be difficult. Charlene seems very together, though. She can withdraw into her own world and just appear to look smashing, while doing so.

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