Royal Wedding 2015: Open Post

Royal Wedding 2015: Open Post

Good morning and welcome to Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist‘s royal wedding open post/live blog. I will be updating this post throughout the broadcast, then will cover everything in detail later.

SVTPlay live stream link

PS. Yes, I know Kate Middleton showed up to Trooping the Color. And yes, I know Prince George made his first balcony appearance. I will cover Trooping tomorrow. Today is about Carl Philip and Sofia. Please don’t thread jack.

11:50PM Update:

Prince Carl Philip gave a little speech when he and Sofia arrived at the palace after the carriage procession. King Carl Gustaf said a few words, too.

Carl Philip gives speech

Then the couple kissed.

11:30AM Update:

The kiss while leaving the church.

11:25AM Update:

Carl Philip and Sofia doing the carriage procession. The SVT commentators are calling her “Prinsessan Sofia”.

Carl Philip and Sofia5

11:15AM Update:

Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia leaving the church.

Carl Philip and Sofia3

11:15AM Update:

They covered Rhianna‘s Umbrella in Swedish.

Prince Daniel was wrangling squirmy little Leonore for a while…

And now Silvia is.

Silvia and Leonore

11:05AM Update:

Um… so the priest quotes Coldplay. WTF?

11:00AM Update:

Here’s a better photo of Sofia’s new tiara. Diamonds and emeralds.

Carl Philip and Sofia2

It must be really hot in the church. I’ve seen lots of people use their programs as fans, and Maxima has an actual fan.

10:50AM Update:

The blessing and exchange of the rings. Carl Philip had a hard time putting the ring on Sofia’s finger (ala William and Kate).

rings 1

rings 2

10:45AM Update:

Sofia’s gown is by Ida Sjöstedt.

Victoria giving a reading.

Victoria reading

Princess Estelle as a flower girl.

10:40AM Update:

Carl Philip and Sofia. They both look like they are going to cry. Victoria is crying.

Sofia is wearing a new tiara.

Carl Philip and Sofia

10:37AM Update:

The Bride:


10:28AM Update:

The groom:

Carl Philip

10:25AM Update:


Maxima and Mathilde:

Royals from Denmark:

10:10AM Update:

Crown Princess Victoria is wearing the Connaught Tiara. She has never worn it before. That means Sofia is not wearing it, so… new tiara? Amethyst?

9:45AM Update:

Early photos of Sophie, Countess of Wessex and Princess Tatiana of Greece. Tatiana looks gorgeous.

BTW, Tatiana is the wife of Prince Nikolaos, the third child of King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie.

9:30AM Update:

This host on the SVTPlay live stream is wearing the same Oscar de la Renta earrings that Victoria wore to the Polar Music Prize.

Host in Victoria's earrings.

193 thoughts on “Royal Wedding 2015: Open Post

  1. Talk about tense in some of our beloved HM Trooping of the Colour – km may had to be ‘forced out’ kicking and screaming – she do not look happy in some shots (one in the carriage with Prince (King) Harry and her mother in law – Camilla, Do Cornwall), km seem unfriendly (just want all the luxury cant be bother at events) – King Harry seem to be trying with her.

    P George seem a world away from his granddad POW Prince Charles (so close to each other yet hardly any connection- thanks to carol km and the middletons) – not a look of closeness.

    E*C Wessex son seem in attendance by HM, even with his parents in Sweden – lovely – something is off with our beloved Queen and km (some shots speaks!).

    1. I understand the urge to discuss Kate (and her SWF-ing), but please no thread jacking. I’ll cover Trooping tomorrow.

      1. Agree no need to spoil Sweden’s lovely event – that was original reason visiting KMR;

        Did attached to the bottom section on KM (remove -i’ll repost) – Enjoy!

  2. I am in lurrrv with Tatiana’s outfit. I want it. It’s a 10 out of 10; the bar has been set high early! Can’t wait to see the rest 🙂

        1. Maxima for the win! It is a repeat couture Jan Tamiinau gown that she wore before the Inauguration of Willem-Alexander. She wore the Ruby peacock Tiara.

          1. She totally brought it with the fan! Hmmm, kinda warm in here, I’m just going to casually…flick open my fan. How’s flapping that flimsy program working for the rest of you?

          2. One of my parents’ friends never left her house without her fan in summertime! I think I need to get my own one – Maxima has inspired me.

  3. Hurrah! A Royal Wedding!
    And, here’s to morning sickness, too. It kept me home this AM, while my husband and sons went out on a boat. I get seasick when not pregnant, so I can see some of the wonder now.
    Tatiana’s dress is sensational! How lovely.
    And, the tiara that Vic is wearing looks amazing.
    KMR, good stuff!

    1. Morning sickness is terrible, but on the bright side you get to keep up with the royal wedding. 🙂

    2. Agree – all the usual well dressed, hardworking royals – never fail. E*Countess Sophie is lovely as well.

      Much respect for Princess Maddie – Wow – she sure is embracing her ‘curves’ / unborn child _ lovely role model!

  4. Sylvia?? Madeline and family look wonderful. Maxima, be still my beating heart- my girl is a show stopper. Victoria’s dress looks dirty. Must be the play of light on the fabric, but it takes away from the lovely cut of the gown. Bring on the briiiiide!

    1. I like Victoria’s gown, just not the pattern on the material. I agree with you Ray, that it takes away from an otherwise beautiful dress.

  5. Gad! The Connaught tiara is outstanding bling! Victoria looks so fabulous in it. I also want Silvia’ s crown. It’s amazing! Sophie has a lovely tiara, so fitting on her, so perfect.
    Almost everyone looks so fabulous, I don’t know how the bride can outdo them!

    Thanks for the livestream link! And the pix, especially because my laptop is old and may not be able to livestream.

      1. Yes. I hope she’ll wear it more often. She can really pull off a tall tiara.

        The Connaught Tiara is a classic Belle Epoque tiara with those garland loops. It came into the SRF with the English Princess Margaret, daughter of the Duke of Connaught and grand-daughter of Queen Victoria. She was Crown Princess but died tragically from septicemia when she was 6 months pregnant. She was the mother of the late Queen Ingrid of Denmark, QMII’s mother.

  6. Oh, I don’t know if I like Vic’s dress. I guess she is letting the bride have her day.
    Poor Maddie. She looks huge! I wish I could see her daughter better!

    1. I don’t like her dress either, but I do like that they took care to look nice but not upstage the bride, or at least it seems that way.

    2. I Ike CP Vic gown too. She started crying when she saw her ‘baby’ walk in.

      Did PC*S kiss – seem Prince Carl P. asked outside but they didn’t (PS abiding by royal protocol?) …

  7. Princess Leonore is a feisty little monkey. She just can’t sit still.

    1. Hahahaha that little one cracks me up 😀 Always giving her parents the hardest time.
      (I still remember everyone, EVEN ESTELLE trying to keep her in-check at a previous event)

        1. I noticed that too – passing Leonore around 😀 hehehe
          “It takes a village” 🙂 ♥

          Prince Daniel stole my heart today!

          1. I love Daniel. It’s amazing how they all pitch in. I give Leonore credit. She’s quite young to sit through a ceremony like that.

        2. Same!

          This was really a family occasion, the warmth, joy and affection of the day came through and I love that!

  8. I can’t handle everyone choking up! SO much more emotion here than in the WK wedding. And MAJOR props to Madde- super preggo, it seems hot in there with everyone fanning themselves, and baby L is not wanting to sit still

    1. Im crying myself – weddings!

      Its just lovely how the Royal family taking turns helping P’ess Maddie/Chris – in all their gowns/formal wear – to keep Princess Leonora calm (its wonderful she attend) – Leonora trying to get to cousin Estelle up front.

      1. P*km – I would say a ‘performance’ and staged wedding (more like) …

        I’m still crying replaying the Church ceremony for P Carl and Sophia. It’s something – for all the talk of Sophia as a Reality Star.. she seem very conscious of where/what she now represent; they both seem much in love – comfortable, confident together and natural with each other. P*km could learn a lot about normal from these two royals (almost 15 years later).

      2. W&K really seemed like they were just going through the motions, rather than experiencing a wedding.

    2. Well, W&K’s wedding was an odd, constipated affair. All the scandinavian royal weddings are usually quite emotional. CP Frederik literally cried when Mary walked down the aisle. At Haakon and Mette-Marit’s wedding both groom and bride were in tears. However, this one takes the prize simply for being the most exhuberantly joyful one.

  9. I am disappointed with the dress. Too many of the same similarities to Kate’s dress if you ask me. The sleeves are lace and torso/ chest area look similar.

    Her hair looks amazing though!

      1. Sofia looks beautiful but I too immediately thought of Kate’s dress and really can’t understand why any designer would choose to have such similarities with Kate’s OH-SO-Popular dress. I really don’t get why not go for a more unique style.

        I understand the love for lace, Maddie had a very different *lace* gown which I loved.

        My wedding dress reminded me of Kate’s dress too – it was simple strapless with a long-sleeve lace coat – but thankfully I married before Kate. Otherwise, I would have gone for a different dress.

      1. I’m not crazy about the upper part, but I loved the line of her dress. Not empire, really, I want to say princess line LOL, but it looks A line, which is flattering to most figures.

        What I would love to know is what the overlay is over the length of the dress- the sheer part, with some applique I believe. It was gorgeous, a bit diaphanous when she moved. Almost pearlised.

      2. Not keen on the dress either, it is a little bit too generic. My favorites will always bee QMII’s, Mary’s, Victoria’s and Maxima’s.

    1. Sofia looks beautiful and both the bride and groom look so happy. I agree that the dress is not iconic, but it is a lovely gown. I really like the neckline.

      1. Me too, I like it much better than Kate’s neckline. And look ma, no pointy boobs!! Makes a HUGE difference in the look of the gown. Softer, more romantic, and a shade more demure. I really loved Sophia’s outfit today, it all worked for me.

    2. At first – I don’t see the resemblance – yes there is lace like most bridal- (and compared to similar to P’ess Maddie dress and Clooney).

      1. Maddie and Amal Clooney’s dresses were ridiculously similar. Sofia’s may have a passing resemblance to Kate’s because they both have lace sleeves, but the comparison is nothing like Maddie/Amal’s.

  10. I’m crying, too!
    KMR, thank you. This is amazing to see!
    How beautiful Sophia looks! Her bouquet is also amazing.
    I’m getting chills. They look so happy.
    This day is filled with so much love.
    I’m sorry to say, it puts K&W’s wedding to shame.
    Just so heartfelt, this one!

  11. I have to say that the minster’s vestment’s are more interesting than the bride’s. Le sigh. CP looks so happy. Is it just me or does Sofia look a bit smug/triumphant a la Kate?

      1. Agreed KMR, they look happy and very much in love. I’m watching the live stream, it’s quite beautiful. Only thing marring it it, is the flash of tattoo that the veil doesn’t always cover up. Ah well, the follies of youth haha. Lenore looks ready to rock n roll, hold on Chris!

        1. I love that her tattoo is showing! It’s a part of her and she shouldn’t be ashamed of it.

          1. Me too. That is part of her and she shouldn’t need to hide it. Other royals have tattoos as well. CP Frederik and his grandfather King Frederik IX was covered in tattoos – there’s an old cover of Time Magazine that showed them all.

            Princess Marie of Orleans, who lived in the 1800s had a tattoo as well.

          2. Yes, I agree!

            Also talk about a change – dancing in a dignified joyful way leaving the Church – it was lovely and different for a royal wedding – yet dignified (and more ‘normal’ than P*km try to say they are …).

            The SRF is also generous by sharing and allowing the public inside the party/dining.

    1. Amen.

      P’ess Maddie attending almost at delivery – P Leonora and Estelle attending did it for me with the SRF (just as good and open as the DRF – lots of respect).

      The King is smiling more.

      1. I’ve noticed that the scandinavian royals usually brings even small children for ceremonies like weddings and christenings. Though it is very common in scandinavia in general.

        I loved how CP walked down to meet his bride – I found that to be incredibly romantic. It is a particular Swedish custom when a bride is escorted by her father, which isn’t really the norm there.
        When Haakon of Norway married Mette-Marit then walked up the aisle together.

          1. Yeah. The Coldplay was okay. But Rhianna in Swedish was odd, and Joyful Joyfull just totally lost me.

          2. Didn’t it look like Sophia wanted to dance down the aisle at the end? She was feeling some serious joy. I was just waiting for a flash mob. I think the theme of this wedding is par-tay!!!!

          3. I’m surprised they didn’t dance down the aisle. It really seemed like they should have given that song.

          4. Goodness I was sure they were going to dance out of the church. Kinda reminded me of a couple who were even invited to the morning shows (Good Morning America, etc.) with their whole wedding party dancing their way down the isle to the beat of “FOREVER” of Chris Brown.

      1. However, it wasn’t the wedding of the heir so there’s abit of a leeway there. However, it was abit cheesy to me as well – I got a bit of a rom-com feeling.

    1. Then I’m that shallow, too. I love European royal weddings because there is so much bling on everyone.

    2. I’m drooling from all the tiaras and bling! I love Victoria’s and the Queen’s tiaras. I’m a sucker for anything sapphire. It looks like Madeleine is wearing the same one that she wore for her own wedding.

      Looking at other pics of Maxima, her whole look is outstanding. Her tiara is so beautiful! I’ll have to go and try to find other pictures of it!

      1. It is the same tiara that Madeleine wore at her wedding. it is called the Modern Fringe Tiara and it is one she often wears. The SRF do have an amazing tiara collection.

  12. Wow Maxima looks great! Usually I love Mary’s looks but to me this looks rather bland. I’m not hugely fond of a lot of white lace wedding gowns so I’ll withhold an opinion Sophia’s gown. She does look happy though and that is the best gift on your wedding day!

    1. I love that comment, Klein, ” She does look happy though and that is the best gift on your wedding day!” And I agree:)

    1. I think she’s Princess Sofia now that they are married. I don’t think they need to do anything else, but I’m not sure. They are calling her “Princess Sofia” on the commentary on the live feed.

      1. Good to know. I was wondering at the beginning if they were going to have a crowing ceremony since they had crowns on pillows near the alter.

        1. I thought they would, too, because of the crowns. I wonder why they were there is they didn’t use them.

      2. Carl Philip, when giving his little speech said, “May I present to you Princess Sophia” (maybe the translation is a little wonky). I guess that is the only official announcement of the title we are going to get.

        Anyway, this was the most fun and genuine royal wedding I’ve ever watched. Everyone seemed so happy to be there. The crowd was awesome. Sophia looked beautiful and she and Carl Philip seemed to be in love. Then there was the King’s impromptu little speech and all the royals chatting up in the courtyard outside. The Swedes are more normal and down to earth that Will and Kate (no matter what they claim) and it shows. I was so happy I was able to watch the wedding.

  13. Hurrah!! thank you for the coverage. Sofia is wearing a more modest dress than Kate. It really is elegant and her hairstyle is neat. Maxima. What a dress! Victoria and Madeleine look like fairy princesses. The pastel shades that the women of the family wear blend in together. I am pleased that Sophie and Edward are there representing the UK. I like how tightly Sofia and Carl are holding hands.

    Estelle looks adorable. I love the bow as my niece’s wear a lot of them.

    1. Sofia’s dress is far more subdued than I thought she would wear. I was expecting sequins and ridiculousness like she usually wears, but she wore a very modest lace gown.

      1. It seems to me that unlike Kate, Sofia, given her background, is adept at playing a role. She is much smarter and cannier than Dolittle and certainly more adaptable.

      2. I know. I am not a fan of lace sleeves, but somehow, this dress was perfect for the occasion and Sophia looked just gorgeous in it. Loved the hair and her tiara and the way she placed the veil. Oh, so beautiful!

      3. Total speculation as I have no idea what her thought process was, but maybe it was what she felt most comfortable in. Or perhaps she didn’t want to go too off-the-wall and be seen as not princess material for making an unusual choice.

  14. I know there have been rumors that Vic and Madde don’t get along with Sofia, but it didn’t seem that way to me today at all.

    1. I’ve heard those rumors, too. But Vic was crying at one point. So it seemed like she was happy for them.

      1. Or maybe happy for her brother? Or maybe she cries at all weddings as I am wont to do?

        I saw Vic talking to CP and it was nice. But then Maddie came along and she was so animated, warmer, and more effusive. I don’t know this family, so I don’t know what to think. Perhaps Vic is more restrained and Maddie more expressive?

  15. Thank you, KMR, for the link to the live stream – I caught it just before their vows. I thought Sofia looked radiant and beautiful and both of them so happy. I have to save some of my tears as I’m off to a wedding this afternoon 🙂

  16. I am loving those giant emeralds on Sofia’s tiara, and I am loving the design. But I hate how it doesn’t look natural- it’s perched on top of her head and not really integrated into the ensemble. I find it really grating.

    I also noticed she had a bit of deep green ribbon flanking either side of the top of her veil. Neato!

    1. Sofia’s hair bugs me. I hate center parts. And the hair style does not integrate the tiara at all. It’s like the hair was done first without realizing there would be a tiara involved, then they stuck the tiara on top randomly.

      1. Interesting how impressions can differ! I think center parts are hard to carry off, but I thought the style suited Sofia, with her high forehead. To me, the style looked regal and classic.

      1. I went back to look at more photos and Victoria has a similar hairstyle, so maybe I’m just not used to sleek hair/tiara combos.

    2. That is sprigs of myrtle stuck in Sofia’s hair above the veil. A Swedish Royal tradition since Margaret (Gustav VI Adolf’s first wife, who died tragically) brought it from Queen Victoria’s garden in England. Now it grows in the royal garden at Sofiero castle.

  17. This was such a lovely joyful wedding!

    And I think that all the reactions will finally put all the gossip about Sofia and the SWR to shame.

    These two looked so much in love that I was tearing up. This is most definitely true love!

    And there’s no doubt in my mind that Sofia is fully accepted by the Swedish Royal Family, they all looked soo happy! And she got a brand new tiara.

    I like Sofia a 100 times more than I like Kate.

    1. I agree with pretty much everything you said, other than I didn’t watch the wedding and have only seen photos and I don’t know enough about Sofia to say whether I like her more than Kate. So I guess I don’t agree with pretty much everything! 🙂 But the bride and groom really look happy and I thought she looked lovely. Maxima looked absolutely amazing.

      1. I watched it – and there was such happiness, not just among the immediate family but among all the guests, and especially the scandinavian royals because they are all so very close privately.

        I didn’t much care for the pop music but I don’t like that at weddings in general but they’ve had it at all the Sedish royal weddings. Try to find a video – the impact is soo much stronger than in the photos.

    2. I missed the live stream, so will go back and watch later once it’s on youtube. It looked like a very joyous occasion.

      Along the theme of Sofia being accepted and her past, etc. it bugged me to see that the headline for the daily mail was “She scrubs up well! Tattooed bikini model Sofia Hellqvist looks simply stunning as she weds Sweden’s Prince Carl Philip…” I know it’s a newspaper trying to get clicks, but it’s like, let the woman have a beautiful, happy wedding.

  18. Yay, I made it in time to see them exit the church and now the procession.
    I also got to see a few kisses 😉
    They both look soooo happy. I love it! Well, actually, the whole family looked pretty happy. Good for them. The bride looks beautiful. Her dress however immediately made me think of Kate’s. Ugh! I can understand the love for lace, especially for a wedding gown, but can’t understand WHY a designer would choose a V neckline, heart-shaped bodice and long sleeve dress SO SIMILAR to Kate’s. Very disappointing dress.
    Happy she got a new tiara -although I’m not a fan of emeralds :/

    I’m glad she wore her hair up in a bun but I hated her middle partition as well as Victoria’s. Victoria looked so pretty at the last event I was hoping she would pull another “WOW” look. Not sure I like Victoria’s dress either.

    So far, the best dressed is MAXIMA, IMO.

    oh, and super happy for Maddie! She made it and looks amazing 🙂 with her little rascal (lol) aka Leonore. I love how everyone will help with Leonore. Daniel “with his tiny princess wrangling skills” ♥!!!

    1. I love how happy Carl Philip looks! It’s shocking to see so much raw emotion or maybe it j u st feels that way after will and kate. Their wedding was beautiful but a little too stoic and rehearsed feeling for me.

    2. I think it was similar to Kate’s in the fact that it was white and had lace sleeves and back. But I think the neckline and bodice are very different and give the dress a very different effect.

      For instance, Sofia has more of a modified sweetheart neckline, whereas Kate’s is more dramatic and to me looks more like a breastplate. Although, I think I like the pattern of lace of Kate’s better.

  19. Please, anybody….is Mette Marit pregnant? Her stomach from yesterday and the side view of her dress today, plus her suddenly large bosom…..

    Or is this how she’s always been and i’m only just noticing?

  20. Overall, I thought it was a lovely wedding.
    A bit made for TV, what with the choice in music. The rendition of Joyful, Joyful was a bit gospel tent revival-ish, and certainly has it’s place. Just maybe not during the procession from the alter in a royal wedding.
    I felt that the emotion and goodwill from everyone there was genuine, though. The bride and groom seem very much in love.
    I loved the “flower wall” idea they had going on, very chic. Didn’t seem to be a purple/orange color scheme. I guess Sylvia didn’t get the memo, unless maybe it’s for the reception.
    I can’t wait to see my other favorite part of any wedding…the cake!

    1. Given the way Sofia and Carl Philip got emotional when the Rhianna song played, and given that the priest used lyrics from the Coldplay song, I’m guessing the couple felt a strong connection to those songs, and that’s why they chose them. Who knows what that connection is, but I think there is one. I don’t think they just chose them because they are popular. Besides, that Rhianna song it 8 years old.

      The flowers were light purple and coral. So kind of purple and orange? Or that info was wrong.

  21. Princess Sofia looks BEAUTIFUL. I’m so glad Carl Philip wore a uniform hat to cover his hair. It just always looks excessively slick to me and his face seems shiny because of his tan. Very nice on both counts of them. I’m glad they played several modern pop songs. It shows a modern twist compared to other royal weddings that seem more stiff and formal. Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Varmland.

    1. I feel the opposite as you about the music Seth. I loved everything but totally dislike to hear Coldplay during the ceremony.
      Don’t get me wrong, I love Coldplay, but when they start to play I was just like “WTF?? At the church??”
      I felt that was almost disrespectful, even kind of uncomfortable to see that guy dancing/singing/jumping when the music got its climax…but that’s me and maybe I am too conservative. lol

      1. I think having the person right there singing is odd and yes uncomfortable (for me). If the person had not been right there in the aisle, it might have been better. But all of the Swedish weddings have had pop music in them.

        1. I agree. I couldn’t have held eye contact too long. It made me uncomfortable to watch. It was if he was eye f*cking them. Hope I didn’t offend with my blue language.

      2. Well I would personally never have pop songs at a formal church wedding but I’m not going to begrudge people who do so. 🙂

  22. KMR, you outdid yourself! Amazing coverage. What a beautiful ceremony. Sofia looked so happy and glad that CP didn’t shave his beard. Lots of fashion highs and lows. I was in tiara heaven.

    I wish that I could have seen more of Matilde’s tiara. That backcomb gets me every time.

    There is no doubt that these two have love and passion galore.

  23. If you click on the link to SVTPlay the live action is still going on. They are in the middle of dessert and speeches right now.

  24. So pleasantly surprised to see a royal couple who look genuinely in love, the smiles on the couple’s faces– you simply cannot manufacture that! All the best to them.

  25. We were outside by the palace waiting to see all the arrivals. Unfortunately all the cars had black windows except Edward and Sophie from GB. They had their windows open and were waving to the crowd. We yelled “Sophie!” and Edward saw us and waved! We could have gone home right then. When we saw Sophie later in person she looked trim!

    We moved over to the area where they addressed the crowd and was disappointed by the flowers. The towers looked orange! It looked like prom colors I’m sorry! When Carl Phillip and Sofia came up from the carriage we were excited to see her dress. My first reaction was OMG that is Kate’s dress. It seems like she is copying kate with the ringlet curls, wearing blue to all her interviews and now the wedding dress. She should be looking more at Victoria for inspiration.

    Carl Phillip said a few words and then the King popped up and seemed really happy and kind of relieved.

    One of our favorite parts was seeing all the royals waiting by the balustrade. Where can you see princess and princesses and a few queens from around the world all in one place! We waved to everyone we could and were more and more excited the more people we could recognize.

    Victoria and Daniel looked fantastic and when they held Estelle up to the crowd everyone went wild and yelled her name. She received the loudest cheer, even more than Victoria!
    All the Tiaras looked great in the sunlight especially Sylvia and Victoria, and of course Maxima! Wow she looked good!

    It was a great day!

    1. I love that Edward waved to you! Estelle is a little star, I’m not surprised she got the biggest cheer. I hope you had fun, Fiona.

      1. White tie it is. Outside of being thrilled about marriage to Harry, I need to be in tiara heaven. On the way to the alter, I will stop and admire all of them. Camilla must wear the Shand tiara or she mustn’t show up.

    2. I literally just exclaimed, “Oh I love that!” when I read about you guys shouting Sophie’s name and Edward looking and waving at you guys 🙂 I’m still smiling. That’s so lovely. I like that their windows were rolled down and they interacting with the crowds. You guys would have been waiting for ages, why not show a little generosity with your smiles and waves… or at least let people see you.

      I actually think Edward is a lot nicer than the press make him out to be, I don’t think they’ve forgiven, and won’t let anyone else forget, the folly of his youth. It probably didn’t help that PC’s PR guy at the time (Mark Bollard) kept throwing all the other royals under the bus to take some heat off PC and Camilla.

      1. Thanks, I agree. Sophie and Edward do so much work for the BRF and get along really well with the Queen. Sophie also looks so good lately. She was also really into talking to the Princess of Japan in the garden and during the rest of the night. That Princess we call the giggler because she seems to laugh at everything!

        Also while in the garden we saw Queen Margaret sitting on a chair and people coming up to her to say hello giving her their hand and curtseying.

        I will say when we say the SRF on national day and during the India visit they all waved in their cars.

        1. What cool info, Fiona. I love that Margrethe was just sitting there, letting everyone come to her. She’s a boss.

      2. I saw a video of Edward and Sofia arriving in which you could hear him speak a bit to the press about not wanting to cause a traffic jam. He was nice in telling the press why he and Sophie didn’t want to stop for the photo. William would have just been a silent ass and kept walking.

  26. Wow, what a moving ceremony!!! I couldn’t understand much of what was said but the emotion was palpable. I thought Sofia looked lovely, she certainly won’t be regretting her dress decision in 10 years time. Her new tiara is beautiful, I love how delicate it is. I read somewhere that it was a gift from Carl Phillip, if so how nice that she has a tiara that’s all hers.

    1. I couldn’t understand anything since it was in Swedish and I don’t speak Swedish, but it was cool to watch either way.

      The Swedish Court said the tiara was a gift from the King and Queen.

  27. I would like to add the Sofia’s curtsey to the King and Queen was immaculate. Silent can learn a thing or two from this one.

  28. I think that Harry and a will leave the church with Joyful, Joyful. They had me at “What have you done for me lately”.

    It was so unconventional, but such a spirited and loving way to leave the church. A wedding is supposed to be filled with joy and happiness and love.

        1. That’s only because I’m polite and refined, rhiannon. My love for Harry is well known, undying and eternal. Never mind the double positive there. You know what I mean. 😉

          I will, however, share.

          1. No, just send him over when he’s tired and cranky. I will bake him things and soothe his fevered brow. Then you can have him back.

    1. Hi Rhiannon, can I ask that your wedding to (King) Harry be white tie? I know it’s not usual for the BRF but men in white tie look great and it will mean the women will all be in evening dresses and lots of bling!

  29. ALL royal weddings should be evening weddings. Gowns and Tiaras!! There oughta be a law. Remember that Rhiannon, when you become Mrs. Prince Harry of Wales.

    I think Sofia was going for the redemptive princess look, very conservative, even the hairstyle. I kind of liked that the tiara took center stage and was not hidden by hair or veil. I liked the bodice of her lace dress much more than Kate’s breast-cup version. Nothing amazing, but very nice.

    As for the rest, I think it is hard to pick the best. So much glamour and bling. I did see a pic of Princess Birgitta wearing a pink pantsuit from the Disney Princess Jasmine collection. Complete with fur and fringe tiara on the Royal Order of Sartorial Splender site. Awesome. She looks like a spoiled girl in the Magic Kingdom who’s been to the Bibbity-Bobbity Boutique!
    Those white naval hats on Carl Philip and others kind of make them look like Captain Stuebing on the Lido deck. Just a bit too Love Boat, although I know they are traditional. Does that mean the Love Boat was historically accurate?? 🙂
    The rest are all so lovely, and age appropriate. Victoria maybe was the best head to toe. Fantastic tiara. Although I loved Queen Silvia as well. Great dress and love the sapphires. Loved the colored tiara trend in general.
    Ahhh what a glorious Royal celebration. Sophie really represented Britain well.

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