First baby photos of Charlene and Albert’s twins!

First baby photos of Charlene and Albert’s twins!

First Baby Photos Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella 3

The first photos of Prince Albert and Princess Charlene‘s new little twin babies, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, have arrived! Albert and Charlene released the photos as a “Christmas gift to the people of Monaco, friends of the Principality of Monaco and the Royal Family.”

First Baby Photos Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella 1

The photos were taken in the maternity ward of the Princess Grace Hospital where Charlene delivered the babies. The babies were born on December 10, via cesarean, if anyone was wondering. There will be an official presentation on Wednesday, January 7, 2015 at 11:45 AM in the Palace Square. January 7 will be a public holiday in Monaco.

First Baby Photos Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella 2

First Baby Photos Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella 7

First Baby Photos Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella 6

First Baby Photos Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella 4

First Baby Photos Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella 5

Here’s a video from Albert talking about the birth.

Photos: Frédéric Nebinger/Palais Princier de Monaco

24 thoughts on “First baby photos of Charlene and Albert’s twins!

  1. Tiny babies! They must have been preemies if they are still in the hospital. I’ve had preemies. They look so fragile.

    I can’t figure out why Charlene always looks terrified. I heard the stories about her supposed cold feet about marrying, but she never really looks happy. Perhaps she does not photograph well.

    I’ve been interested in the Monaco royals ever since Albert went to college with my sister. I was living in Europe when Princess Grace died. And I’ve been fascinated by what a train wreck their lives seem to have been!

    KMR…I’ve been a lurker here, now a first time poster. Just want to say thanks for all you do, and I love the lively discussions here!

    1. I think with all of the work she’s had done on her face, she may not be able to emote normally. Other than that, I think she looks very tired as someone who’s had twins by a C-section (and is older than most first time mothers) might look.

      1. True re work she’s done to her face. I cringe whenever I see some of those celebs faces who have had too much work done. It’s just not normal.

      2. She had a lot of dental work done and now doesn’t usually smile as broadly. Hard for me to tell what else she may have had done, because the difference with the teeth affects so much else of how she looks.

    2. I know, those babies look to tiny. I read somewhere that she was due on or around Christmas, so that would make them two weeks early or so. Twins are normally small though right?

      In these pictures, she’s probably tired. But she usually has a scared/sad face in photos. I don’t know if she’s really scared or sad, or if she just is nervous having her picture taken or what it is. She didn’t have this face for Monaco National Day a month or so ago. So it is possible for her to smile and seem happy in photos, it’s just not often she’s like that.

      Does your sister have any juicy stories about what Albert got up to? He really is a scandalous royal, what with his two illegitimate children running around out there.

      Ah thanks, glad you’re enjoying!

      1. I wonder how his other children feel. I know that he supports the little boy, but always wondered abut Jasmine (?). This would feel like a punch in the gut.

        1. I wonder if he will ever see his other children again. I don’t know how much time he spent with Jazmine (I think it’s with a z, but I’m not sure), but he did visit the boy occasionally. That stopped, or dwindled even more, after he married Charlene, according to the boy’s mother. Granted, I kind of think the boy’s mother is somewhat of a golddigger, so who knows if what she says is true. But he’s been a deadbeat dad to the older kids, and now that he has his heirs, I doubt those older kids will ever cross his mind.

          In terms of how they feel, if/when they think about it, they’d probably be hurt seeing as he’s an absentee father to them yet wants to dote on the twins. But then again the older children probably don’t think about him that much. Honestly, when you have an absentee father you barely know, you don’t spend your days pining away for him or thinking about his life with his wife and new babies. He’s a non-entity to them.

          1. Albert, Charlene, and Jazmin were photographed together at the Princess Grace Awards 2 years ago. She (Jazmin) seems to be out publicly on the society scene now. Maybe now that the twins have been born, everyone can breathe more easily, and better relationships could be built. I think Jazmin’s mother wants a low profile, Nicole Coste is another story.

          2. Nicole Coste wants to be a famous fashion designer and the mother of the next Prince of Monaco. From her comments about wanting Albert to respect her so not sleeping with him the first night and blaming Charlene for Albert not seeing his son and being upset that she is sort of blacklisted from Monaco events, I kind of think she was/is super pissed that he didn’t marry her when she got pregnant. She claimed not to be a golddigger, but I kind of think she is.

      2. Two weeks early is not very early. I’m thinking there must have been some sort of complications for them to have to stay in the hospital.

        I realized after I wrote this post that she probably HAS had cosmetic surgery, or Botox, which makes her face seem so rigid. It’s too bad. It’s hard to relate to her when she looks terrified and/or vacant.

        My sister did not know Albert well and did not stay in contact. This was back in the 70’s! Given that my sister is a journalist, he’s probavly just as glad! LOL

        1. lol yeah I don’t know if he’d like a journalist, but even with all his scandals and whatnot he’s not super angry at the press the way William is. Albert knows what’s up.

  2. Look at those lips on Prince Jacques lol Which side of the family are those from?

    Beautiful little babies. I wish them well!

  3. They are teeny tiny. I am happy for them. Wish that they changed their succession rules. It will be interesting to see how they are brought up.

    1. Yeah, it sucks that Gabriella gets shafted because of her gender. When one thinks about Jacques jumping his older sister in the line of succession in 2014, it’s actually amazing that the Swedish parliament changed the succession laws in 1980 (and against the King’s wishes, too).

      1. Yes, it seems so archaic. I’ve always been intrigued by the Grimaldis. They have such a scandalous history and so much drama with all of the siblings.

  4. Awww, Jacques and Gabriella are just too precious!! I like seeing Albert looking casual! There was a picture of him holding the binky as Charlene tried to calm Gabriella looking so lost just like most new fathers. lol It looks to me like Gabriella will be the stronger personality of the two, she’s crying and fussing while Jacques is just kicking back, taking a little snooze.

    1. I love the pic with Albert holding the binky, it makes him look like an actual father. It does seem like Gabriella will have the stronger personality. Jacques was like “I give no cares, yo.”

    1. I think Gabriella was awake, so they’re both paying more attention to keep her engaged (not crying). Jacques has his eyes open in one picture, but it looks like he slept through most of the photo session.

    2. Gabriella was fussy, while Jacques was snoozing. So it makes sense Charlene would be focused on Gabriella in that moment.

  5. Title, money, new twin babies, what will make you smile, Charlene? I’m sure the twins will look at these pictures when they are older and ask the same question lol. Anyway, I was so excited to see their little ones, I’m glad they didn’t make us wait until January.

  6. Is it me of does Charlene look terrified (I know that it is hard to tell because of the work she has had done) holding those babies? I am looking at where her hands are and it looks as though she has never held a newborn before, poor Jacques just looks like he is propped up on the side of her arm but her right hand is dangling there.

    They are gorgeous babies though and I hope that they will all be very happy now. Charlene can breathe a big sigh of relief that the heir is finally born and hopefully she can relax and enjoy her precious babies.

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