Cressida Bonas’ PR campaign continues and she won’t be spending New Year’s with Harry

Cressida Bonas’ PR campaign continues and she won’t be spending New Year’s with Harry

If this isn’t a PR piece directly from Cressida’s camp, I don’t know what is.  There is an article about how Cressida is “keeping it real” by continuing to use public transport instead of private cars.  The article quotes a friend and touts how amazing and down-to-earth Cressida is for continuing to take the metro even though she’s totally a terror target, and she’s totally the new Diana because she’s causing the royal protection officers problems because she’s not a “pushover” and blah blah blah.

Seriously, the article drags Diana into the mix: “Cressida’s wish to keep her independence is reminiscent of Harry’s mum Diana.”  Really b-tch?  You’re going to try for the Diana comparison PR campaign, too?  Kate already tried that, and the comparison to Diana only made it obvious that Kate is nothing like Diana.  So, good luck with that.

You know what’s hilarious?  This quote from the friend: “She feels lucky that her face isn’t so well known, so she hasn’t had to abandon her normal life.”  If she really did feel lucky that her face isn’t well known so she has some anonymity left, then she wouldn’t be telling her friends to leak stories to keep her name in the papers and wouldn’t be taking pap walks.  And you know how I know they’re pap walks, because her style has improved since the summer when everyone online was saying how she dressed like a hobo.

In other Cressida news:  There is an article in the Daily Mail about how Cressida is spending New Year’s on Necker Island with her sister.  I just wanted to mention it because I really believe the “friend” they have quoted is a friend of Cressida, not Harry, because of this huge dig at Harry’s former long-time girlfriend, Chelsy Davy: “Cressida is a very good skier, unlike Harry’s former girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, who hated the cold.”

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