Cressida Bonas quits dance to be Harry’s girlfriend, I mean a PA

Cressida Bonas quits dance to be Harry’s girlfriend, I mean a PA

I don’t usually talk about Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas, but I want to talk about this story.  Apparently Cressida has given up her dream of being a dancer—which she studied in school for four years or something—to be a personal assistant… so that she can be free to be Harry’s doormat girlfriend. 

Seriously, this quote came from her camp, I repeat her camp:  “It is understood her new job means that she can work around Harry. Another source said: ‘Cressida has done a U-turn – she has fallen head-over-heels for Harry and he comes first now [emphasis KMR]. She isn’t afraid of the Royal circus any more.’” 

This girl is a MORON.  I hope that tiara is worth it.  This chick has been campaigning, hard, for that tiara from the get go.  Some commentators refused to believe she was campaigning, but I’ve known ever since Vegas, when her people leaked that she was totally cool with Harry naked and humping a random in a hotel room, on camera for the world to see.  Since then her camp has systematically kept her name in the papers for well over a year.  It’s more subtle than Kate, I will say that, but then again Mama Bonas is more well-versed in PR and media than Mama Middleton—Lady Mary was, after all, a ‘60s “it girl” who knew how to play the game, and that posing naked would get her a ton of attention (LOL that Miley Cyrus thinks she’s doing something new).  Of course it’s less subtle now; her campaign has really heated up in the last few months.  Anyone who doesn’t think she’s campaigning, well I don’t want to insult anyone, but come on.  We’re all pretty much in agreement that Kate campaigned, right?  Well consider Cressida Kate 2.0; and not just Kate 2.0 but better, she’s learned from Kate’s mistakes: she’s more subtle about her use of the press (until recently, but people still refuse to see that Cressida is playing the press); she’s gotten a part-time fake job that whets the public’s appetite for someone who doesn’t lie about but still allows her to be at Harry’s beck and call. 

Seriously, though, this chick is stupid.  No one should ever give up their whole life’s dream for another person, and that goes for women and men, it will only lead to heartbreak.  At some point the person who gave up everything will feel a sense of resentment toward the person they gave it up for, and that’s when the shit hits the fan.  And especially since we’re dealing with giving it up for royal life filled with duty (which she doesn’t seem fond of) and press intrusion (which will sour on her eventually, and I mean the press will turn on her and attack her at some point, more than they already have) and of course an unfaithful husband, it’s going to get ugly at some point.  She’s going to give up her entire life, and get absolutely nothing in return except a title and some fancy clothes.  She doesn’t even get the good jewels, those go to Kate.

Dear Cress, I really hope that tiara’s worth it, girl.

LOL, that tiara… that you will have to give back because it won’t actually be yours.

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