British Royal Family Appearance Totals

Yearly appearance totals for each member of the British Royal Family are listed on this page. These numbers are the totals calculated by Tim O’Donovan for The Times.

The tables are broken up in groups of five years to make the tables readable on smaller devices.

The Queen341332296283295
The Duke of Edinburgh250219131N/AN/A
The Prince of Wales527530546507521
The Duchess of Cornwall235221235219224
The Duke of Cambridge122188171220220
The Duchess of Cambridge6214010587126
The Duke of Sussex108152209193201
The Duchess of SussexN/AN/AN/A9683
The Duke of York275323326394274
The Earl of Wessex354359291463308
The Countess of Wessex218179218239236
The Princess Royal544509540518506
The Duke of Gloucester270205232243226
The Duchess of Gloucester1451211139084
The Duke of Kent202159160174203
Princess Alexandra8888656760
The Queen444370425341393
The Duke of Edinburgh356330325184273
The Prince of Wales585601592537533
The Duchess of Cornwall243250276246224
The Duke of Cambridge73908862143
The Duchess of CambridgeN/A341114491
The Duke of Sussex5316615294
The Duchess of SussexN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
The Duke of York529455436330367
The Earl of Wessex362374431345426
The Countess of Wessex188191324228307
The Princess Royal514568566454528
The Duke of Gloucester307251337222280
The Duchess of Gloucester120155146132132
The Duke of Kent223211239198206
Princess Alexandra821181102883

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