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Kate on motherhood: ‘at times it’s a huge challenge’

Kate Middleton gave a speech yesterday, March 23, when she visited the launch of the ‘Out of the Blue’ film series with Best Beginnings and Heads Together at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

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Royal Round Up: Kate, Charlene, Maxima (updated)

KP announced a new engagement for Kate Middleton, Prince William, and Prince Harry. Princess Charlene attended a sports award show. And Queen Maxima spent several days in Germany.

Fashion Kate Middleton Year in Review

2016 in Review: Kate’s dresses (POLL)

This is our final poll on Kate Middleton‘s 2016 fashion, and our final 2016 in Review. Quick stats: Kate wore 35 dresses in 2016 – 29 of them were new while only 6 of them were repeats from previous years. Since this post is going to get long, let’s jump right in.

Fashion Jewelry Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton hangs at the Natural History Museum with kids

Kate Middleton had two events related to Place2Be yesterday, November 22. The first was an embargoed event at the Natural History Museum where Kate and some kids wished Dippy the Diplodocus a farewell before he starts his tour of the UK. You can read about Kate at the Place2Be Awards here.

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My Top 25 Favorite Kate Middleton Looks

I’ve been thinking about a Kate’s Clothes Before George V Kate’s Clothes After George post for quite some time and I never could figure out a good way of presenting that comparison because an outfit I may love others may hate and vice versa. So any conclusion I drew (mine would have been that Kate […]

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Prince William and Kate Middleton visit Manchester

Prince William and Kate Middleton visited Manchester yesterday, October 14, for a few hours to visit the National Football Museum, Manchester town hall and Cenotaph, the University of Manchester, and Francis House.

Fashion Jewelry Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton visits the Netherlands

Kate Middleton made her first solo trip abroad – over five years after becoming a royal and two years since she bowed out of visiting Malta. Kate was in the Netherlands on October 11 for a day of engagements including a meeting with King Willem-Alexander.

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Prince William, Kate Middleton & Prince Harry give speech for World Mental Health Day

Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry marked World Mental Health Day on October 10 with events supporting their Heads Together campaign at London County Hall and the London Eye. The trio gave a speech in support of mental health awareness.

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POLL: Favorite Kate Accessories from Royal Tour of Canada 2016

Here are polls on Kate Middleton‘s earrings and shoes from the Royal Tour of Canada (the clothes poll is here, and you can still vote in the success/failure poll here). I usually don’t do shoe polls but Kate wore some interesting pieces this time. I didn’t include a bags poll because there weren’t many clutches […]

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Prince William & Kate Middleton end Canada Tour with Prince George & Princess Charlotte

I wasn’t going to make a whole new post for Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s departure from Canada because there isn’t anything to write about besides fashion, but then I decided to because this is probably the last time we’ll see Prince George and Princess Charlotte until they release a Christmas photo (if they do) […]

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