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George has a name/Kate’s stomach is causing drama/Camb’s moving into Anmer? [Updated]

Baby Cambridge officially has a name: George Alexander Louis.  It was announced last week, only a day after they left the hospital.  I thought it would take much longer than that to get a name, so I was surprised when they announced it so early.  It’s a pretty boring, predictable name.  Every bookmaker had George as the favorite.  I’m not in love with the name.  George is boring and seems outdated to me.  I’m surprised there are only three names and neither Charles nor Philip is among them.  I thought for sure at least one of those would be present.  Louis is the name of Lord Mountbatten—Charles’ favorite uncle—and is one of William’s middle names; Charles wanted to honor Mountbatten when he named William.  I dislike Mountbatten, he was a disgusting paedophile (sec. 3, par 4-6; par 23-29), so I dislike that they used the name Louis in honor of him.  I love the name Alexander, though.  I wish they had used that as a first name.

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The Cambridges left the hospital

The new Prince of Cambridge was born only on Monday, but there is a ton of baby coverage and articles surrounding every little thing.  Like, seriously, there are eight articles on the Daily Mail website just from today.  It’s ridiculous.  I don’t even want to bother reading it all, at least not tonight, too annoying.  I just want to cover the major thing that happened today (or yesterday, technically, since it’s after midnight).  The Cambridges went home from the hospital, giving the press their money shot that they’ve been waiting outside the Lindo Wing all this month for.  Go here for a picture of the family; here for a sweet picture of William holding his son; and here and here for close-ups of the baby.  It looks like he does have some dark hairs already, so cute.  I’m going to give the baby the benefit of the doubt, since he is only a baby and he didn’t ask to be born, whom to be born to, or what he looks like.  Until he does something worth criticizing him for, I’m going to leave him alone.  But that won’t stop me from criticizing his parents.  Just because they had a baby does not absolve them of their sins.

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