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Kate went shopping at the Gap

Kate was spotted shopping at the Gap the other day.  The Gap store is 500 yards from her Kensington Palace apartment.  She had someone drive her there and wait outside, on a double yellow line, for 20 minutes while she shopped.  There were three bodyguards with her.  She bought clothes for George, and a couple pairs of pants for herself–because she can’t go into a store with a women’s section and not buy herself something.  Obvs.

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Kate and Will looking for a new nanny, but they’re still whitewashing their lives

Kate and Will are looking for a new nanny to take with them when they go on tour to Oz and NZ in April.  Their current nanny, Jessie Webb, 71, has “reached the end of her contract” and doesn’t want to stay on anymore since she only agreed to come out of retirement—she was William’s nanny when he was young, but retired years ago—“on the condition that she would only work for three months”.  Webb is still at Kensington Palace and looking after George for right now, but Kate and Will are looking for someone to replace her, even though they want her to stay on.  But even if she did stay on she wouldn’t want to travel to Oz for a month, because she’s old, so they would have to get someone else for that trip anyway.

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New details about Kate and George, Princess Diana movie panned by critics

There’s a new article about Kate in Vanity Fair (here’s a Yahoo article with bullet points), with new details from Katie Nicholl’s new book (out September 17).  All I can say is that if any of this is true, then the Midds have done some serious leaking. 

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Kate’s “perfect” birth, Uncle Gary is talking again and Guy Pelly will not be a godparent

Kate’s first official royal appearance was last week at a race or something, it was supposed to be William’s solo but then she surprised everyone by turning up.  Everyone except Niraj Tanna, of course, who called it a day or so earlier.  I was going to cover it, but then I didn’t.  I don’t have much to say except that she’s back in her pre-pregnancy skinny jeans… five weeks after giving birth to an eight pound baby.  Sketchy?  I don’t know, I was told on Twitter that if she’s breastfeeding—and reports claim she is—that it’s possible to have lost all that weight in such a short amount of time.  Now I’m not going to say anything too crazy (just in case), but I must say that if she did not actually gain any baby weight, I think it’s unacceptable to claim the weight just “fell off” when the weight was never there to begin with, it sends a bad—and totally fake and unrealistic—message to normal women.  But then, of course she gained weight, right?  You can’t go through a pregnancy and delivery and not gain weight 😉  Here’s a bunch of articles about the appearance if you’re interested.

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Prince George’s first official portraits aren’t great

The first official photographs of Prince George Alexander were released today.  There are two photos: one with Will, Kate and George; and one with Will, Kate, George and Lupo.  Glad to see Lupo not being left out.  The photos were taken by Michael Middleton (Kate’s father). 

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