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Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas broke up

So much for Duchess Cressida.  It seems Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas have split up after nearly two years of dating.

There were reports that they broke up because Cressida was “too needy”, but the palace has been adamant in denying that; claiming Cressida is the opposite of needy.  “Sources”—and by that I mean KP—insist the split was amicable and Cressida wants to focus on her career.

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Harry’s ski trip links him to a Kazakh dictator: how much backlash will he get?

Man, the Royal Holy Trinity just can’t win as of late, can they.  Prince Harry is now facing some backlash following his ski trip to Kazakhstan because of the human rights issue of vacationing in a country with a poor human rights record, and in association with an oligarch who is close friends with Kazakhstan’s dictator president who has been accused of all sorts of human rights violations.

To recap, Harry and Cressida took a trip to Kazakhstan from March 13-16.  They took a private jet to get there.  They stayed at a resort that is partially owned by oligarch Serzham Zhumashov, who is close friends with Kazakhstan’s president, Nursultan Nazarbayev.  Harry and Cressida, and their friends, were given free use of a government helicopter to take them to and from the slopes every day.

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Prince Harry takes Cressida Bonas on a ski holiday to Kazakhstan

Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas reportedly took a ski holiday to a resort in Kazakhstan.  It’s some luxury resort frequented by wealth Russians.  They were there from the 13th to the 16th of March (Thursday to Sunday). They flew in a private jet and then used a Kazakhstan government helicopter to go heli-skiing (whatever that is). Here are two pictures taken by Russian tourists, apparently, and posted by Emily Andrews of the Sun.

Some questions: why did they use a government helicopter? It was a “private” holiday. And um… doesn’t Cressida have a job?  Why is she able to take a vacation mere months after getting a new marketing job?  It’s kind of like how Dave Clark works at Virgin Galactic yet manages to find all this time to trot after Princess Beatrice all the time.  Who pays for these luxury vacations?  They’re “private”, so does that mean Harry pays out of his inheritance (which came from the money Diana got in the divorce, which came from Charles and the Queen from the money they get from the state, so basically William and Harry’s money all came from the taxpayer—or the bank through interest), or Charles from the money he gets from the Duchy?  The security obviously isn’t paid for privately.  I wonder how many protection officers they took with them. It’s a luxury chalet, I wonder how much that cost. And of course the private jet they took to get there. Did Andrew set them up with a Russian oligarch who let them use the place for free? And again, why did they use a government helicopter for a private ski trip? No offense to Kazakhstan, but it seems like a strange place for a British royal to go vacationing. Don’t they usually prefer Verbier for skiing?

Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas make second appearance in two days

Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas made their second public appearance together on Sunday when they attended a rugby match between England and Wales (England won).

Cressida wore a white blouse, jeans, and black (or navy blue?) jacket.  She wore gold hoop earrings and that gold necklace from the other night.  Harry wore a white England polo shirt and jeans.  That man can rock a polo.  He looks good.

This is their second photographed public outing in two days.  Is this Harry (and/or the Palace) trying to divert attention away from the Cambridges and their fancy vacation sans George?  Harry rolling out the girlfriend has certainly got people talking.  The timing of this roll out is highly suspicious.

Here’s an interesting article from Sebastian Shakespeare at the Daily Mail. He says a “source” at Balmoral claims Cressida will be vacationing at the estate with Harry during the summer. He’s framing it as a huge deal since a month before Will and Kate announced their engagement Kate and her family were there for a private hunting party. What’s interesting, though, is he tacks on at the end a quote from a “source” close to Cressida who says, “I think it is too early in the year for a formal invitation to have been made.” LOL. They are really trying to make this happen, so much so that they are grasping at straws at the moment. We’ll see I guess.

Was Harry and Cressida’s WeDay outing the first step to Duchess Cressida?

So you know how Harry and Cressida made their first public outing together (well, they weren’t there together officially but they were at the same event and sat together) with their first public display of affection?  Well according to the Mail this was a clever way to announce that they are indeed serious, and there will be many more public outings to come to prove their love to the public, and prepare us for Duchess Cressida.  Basically the whole article is a giant PR piece made to make us like Cressida and Harry as a couple.  Yeah, I’m not sure if it really accomplished it’s job as I’m side-eyeing a lot of the quotes from “friends” and “sources”—and by side-eyeing I’m not saying I don’t believe it, just that what they say doesn’t make me like them more, it does the opposite for me actually. Anyway, I’m going to bullet point quotes (in italics to distinguish) and then give my opinion. Oh, and by the way, everything in this article is coming directly from her camp.

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Cressida Bonas watches as Prince Harry gives speech at WeDay UK

Prince Harry attended the WeDay UK event and gave a speech about children getting involved in charity work and how children are the future.  He made a quip about not being Harry Styles and not singing.  It was kind of funny, but it fell a bit flat.  I’d quote the whole thing, except it was quite long, so go to the Express to read the full transcript.  I watched his speech live on the Weday feed, and he was reading a teleprompter, but he wasn’t terrible.  I could tell he was reading the script, but for the most part he kept it flowing and it didn’t sound stilted.  He did a good job.

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Harry and Cressida get papped at the Ivy, with Sam and Isabella Branson

Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas joined Sam and Isabella Branson the other night for dinner at the Ivy in London—it was Isabella’s birthday.  Harry refused, again, to be photographed with Cressida and walked well ahead of her.  They’ve been together for well over a year, and by some claims it’s been almost two years (the start of their relationship keeps changing, some say it started in May 2012, some say it started later, I don’t know).  We know you two are dating—you’ve been spotted out together in London and even did the skiing photo op that the royals love to announce the relationship—there is no reason to pretend you’re not dating by not walking together.  For the love of g-, Harry, be a gentleman and walk next to your girl!  What the heck is wrong with these Princes that they don’t like walking next to their ladies?

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Prince Harry launches competition for wounded veterans, spends Valentine’s Day with Cressida

Prince Harry was at the Boultbee Flight Academy yesterday where he viewed Spitfire planes and toured the facility and talked to people.  He was there because he created a scholarship through the Endeavour Fund to “ensure that wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women have the chance to rediscover themselves through physical challenges.”

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