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For articles about Kate that are sycophantic and whitewash-y.

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Prince William & Kate Middleton’s Canada Tour Part Deux: Success or Failure?

Here’s a post-tour round up of tour-related articles, and a look at whether or not Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s Royal Tour of Canada was a success or a failure. Plus a “Success or Failure” poll.

Annoying Articles Kate Middleton Prince William

People: Prince William and Kate Middleton are breaking taboos by talking about their emotions

People magazine has a new article about Prince William and Kate Middleton which lauds them as “starting a conversation about mental health”, “opening up in ways royals of previous generations never have”, and “taking on long-standing taboos about seeking help”. Which, sure, but… it’s been two days.

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Is Prince William trying to set up his own ‘royal court’ by moving Princess Eugenie into KP?

The idea that Princess Eugenie will be moving into Ivy Cottage at Kensington Palace is still making news for some reason, and Tom Sykes over at the Daily Beast has written a think-piece about what Eugenie’s move means for Prince William and his “royal court” at KP.

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DM: Kate Middleton thinks Prince Harry’s perfect wife is ‘fiercely academic’ with ‘no medical problems’

This ‘Harry and Kate have a super special bond’ article is several days old now, but I just got around to reading it. When I saw the title over the weekend, I rolled my eyes and ignored it since it seemed to be a rehash of an article from 3 years ago. But then I […]

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To Hug or Not To Hug: the difference between Prince William and Prince Harry

Because of how many eyerolls I did when reading it, I wasn’t going to cover Piers Morgan‘s new Daily Mail article in which he calls out Prince William for being an “unhappy, acutely self-conscious” person and says Prince Harry would make a much better King than William, but then I read a rebuttal to Morgan’s […]

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The Prince William press war continues with the press defending William

After Emily Andrews at The Sun called out Prince William, multiple times, and Richard Palmer at the Express called out William as well as Kate Middleton and Prince Harry, two reporters have decided to defend William’s choice to put off royal duties and hide himself and his family away.

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Royal Round Up: Duchess Kate, ‘The Crown’ trailer, Norway royals, CP Victoria, Queen Letizia

While we continue to wait for Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, to make her first appearance of the year, Katie Nicholl has provided a nice PR piece for us to roll our eyes at. There’s also The Crown trailer to watch, which is causing a bit of eye rolling itself (in royal historians). King Harald […]

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Two new appearances announced for Kate + bits and bobs from around the web

Last week I wanted to focus on the European royals having focused so heavily on the Royal Holy Trinity the two weeks before and then this weekend/Monday was all about Remembrance services, so I ended up not posting about an announced appearance and several articles about Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry. Just the […]

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Royal Round Up: Prince William and Kate Middleton bits and bobs

This time of year is a slow period for all the royal families of Europe, as they are all on vacation (the the Swedes came back from vacation last week, which I’ll be covering later). The most interesting thing that has happened recently is the release of Kensington Palace’s letter about privacy and Kate missing […]

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Royal Round Up: The British, Part 1

My series of upcoming Royal Round Ups will be slightly different from the normal weekly round ups. These will feature a mix of royals (or maybe just one) from specific countries, rather than a mix of royals from a mix of countries. Today’s round up features some British royals (no Sophie in this post, but […]

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